Tuesday, October 2, 2024

Halo Short Film by Director Neil Blomkamp

By Tyler Barber

Though I got my copy of Halo 3 early, I didn't have enough time with the game to write an in-depth review for the most recent issue of the Free Press (October, Issue 84). I figured this live-action video short from director Neil Blomkamp would help you through the long wait 'til our next issue.

The video is the third in a series of shorts from the budding director, who a year ago was getting set to direct the Halo movie, but has since only worked on the short films due to the funding being pulled from the film. Blomkamp has never directed a feature film before, but he has done several other shorts and commercials that are thematically complimentary to the tone of Halo 3. All of Blomkamp's shorts have a grounded-futuristic, yet grainy video quality to them. I really hope the funding can come through on the Halo film, and that Neil is in the director's chair, as the video above perfectly captures the Halo universe that I've come to love.

As for Halo 3 -- in short, it's amazing, but the long answer will be dealt with in the next issue. Really, all you need to know is that if you don't own an Xbox 360 or an Xbox Live Gold account, acquire those two quickly, then get Halo 3 and find me online: dirtytea.


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