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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - October 25th Edition

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-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-

Last week's Thee Freed debut was a mixed bag especially given the fact that Mlee was racing in from the airport but some special props to Gina S. for filling in on a moment's notice. Bonus though was Indian Jewelry - back in fine form. This week circumstances are such that, as you will note by the limited number of red asterisks below, I won't be getting out much yet there are some kick ass shows going on and you should consider attending them. Drum roll Please...

This Week's Halloween Spotlight

Wednesday October 31st
Fatal Flying Guilloteens (CD Release), American Sharks, 47 Miles of Barbwire, MV + EE
@ The Proletariat
The Guilloteens have been at this for so long that by now they are an institution. (Hey remember back when they would play at the original Emo's in Houston and they still didn't have a bassist? Yeah, they've been at it that long.) Expect the usual hijinks. I went to their Halloween show last year but this year I lost the coin toss to my more lovely half. Nevertheless if you want to come home at 2am drenched in beer, spit, and sweat this is your show.

It's an interesting juxtaposition of having them play with the quieter indie hippie folk of MV + EE but you guys are eclectic enough to handle it right? Oh yeah and American Sharks put on a solid rock and roll show so that's worth a look-see too. Honestly, I don't know diddly about the other band.

Also This Week...

Friday 10/26/2007
Indian Jewelry, A Pink Cloud, The Wiggins, Vaarg, Balaklavas, Cop Warmth, and Satannabis
@ The White Swan
Dear Indian Jewelry you are playing so much that you've almost become ubiquitous in this column. But seriously, this will be a pretty awesome show even if I lost the coin toss. Indian Jewelry are sure to be amazing. A Pink Cloud's textural genius should leave nobody unimpressed. The Wiggins are a force unto themselves. Vaarg (black metal with corpse paint) features Mlee of Hearts of Animals. Cop Warmth will bring their chaos. Balaklavas are so good that they are going to be spotlighted in the next few months. Honestly I don't know shit about Satannibis but their name is Satannibis. In other words, you have nothing better to do!! GO!

Saturday 10/27/2007
Lick Lick, Cat Scientists, Three Fantastic
@ Rudyards
Matt Kelly (whom you may have seen fronting Sprawl a few weeks back) returns with his newest band Lick Lick. Though he and fellow band member and significant other, Marianti, no longer live in Houston, they are still hometown kids in my eyes. Any band that has a song titled "Impricationist!" you know has to have something going for it and, oh shit, did I mention they have a Leslie speaker and aren't ashamed to use it!

Saturday 10/27/2007
Over Sea Under Stone (CD release), Dunnock, and Guests
@ The Proletariat
What the hell? This just popped on my radar. I was kind surprised as I hadn't heard anything about Over Sea and Under Stones CD Release. Coolness. Bring on the shiny new plastic!

Tuesday 10/30/2007
Jay Reatard, Something Fierce, The Wax Museums, The Takes
@ The Proletariat
Yes it's a Tuesday but this should get your garage mojo workin' Something Fierce alone should be worth the day after hangover.

By the way, I often refer to Space City Rock's unrivaled live music calendar . You should check them out at


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