Tuesday, November 13, 2024

Manhunt 2 party at Avant Garden, Tonight!

By Tyler Barber

Tonight, Tuesday November 13th, Rockstar Games is going to promote "murder simulator" Manhunt 2 for the Nintendo Wii at Avant Garden (formerly Helios). It should be a treat as Manhunt 2 has been surrounded by controversy for the past six months, being banned in several countries, slapped with an A/O (Adults Only) rating and is the personal enemy of Neo-Con Florida lawyer Jack Thompson. But what has been met with so much controversy, Manhunt 2's review scores have been showing a game that is just "meh."

Although, if you're into gore-porn like the Saw or Hostel movies, Manhunt 2 is probably just the right fit for your gimp suit. Some argue that the most compelling feature of the first Manhunt, released for the PS2, was the headset functionality that picks up any sound you make (breathing, talking, munching) and alerts nearby enemies to your position.

Still, Manhunt 2 doesn't go limp on the features for the Wii. Using unique motion-controls, Manhunt 2 sports small gameplay segments that have the player mimicking the murder motions. Of course, this is also the focal-point of its controversy: that pantomiming the homicidal-optometry on screen is somehow more detrimental than just watching someone get their eyes gouged out.

It all starts tonight at 9, and you'll wanna get there early for the free keg and pizza. See, reading the full articles does pay off.

Avant Garden is located at 411 Westheimer.


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