Friday, December 28, 2024

Faraway, So Close - the Greenway 3 closes 12/31

How about an award of achievement to the Greenway 3 Theater, which will close its doors December 31. Not to the Landmark, its parent company (it was also run by AMC in the 80s), and not to the quality of the theater's projection, which had two houses that are like shoe boxes with projection that usually sucked. An award that says thanks for staying in the game for a decade after you should have died a respectful death in the 90s when everything went stadium. The Greenway provided quality art house fare in Space City for over 30 years. When I moved here in 1977 they were playing a series of Ingmar Bergman films, Hunter Todd had the best incarnation of his Worldfest film festival at that location in the early 80s, the employees ran trailers backwards to mess with your head and wore cool hats. How big an accomplishment is it that the Greenway continued to operate with its unique three-plex style while the world around it expanded to raked stadium design and as many as 30 screens in one location? Consider that the Cineplex Odeon owned Spectrum and River Oaks Plaza, both of which venues offered 70mm, opened and closed within a period of roughly 10 years (from the late 80s to the turn of the century).


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