Friday, August 31, 2024

The Lucy Show

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Ever and ever is a long, long time. But 3.2-million years certainly exceeds ever and ever. The skeleton known as Lucy, a 3.2-million years old specimen of the creature Australopitheus afarensis, was found during late November 1974 in Ethiopia. This hominid was so named because the scientists after finding the initial bones stayed up late that night celebrating and were singing the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Lucy¹s Ethiopian name is Dinkenesh, which means several things in Amharic including She who is great.
Right now Lucy is on the first stop of a six-year tour of the United States at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Previously the bones had been locked up in Ethiopia while a replica was on display. The exhibit opens August 31 and remains in Houston until next April. Both the replica and the real Lucy are here in Houston on view in a room that presents the bones encased behind glass. Considering that Lucy is only a 40-percent skeleton there¹s also a recreation figurine of what she looked like in the hirsute flesh. For instance, as one gazes at the bones there are only 6 small pieces of skull and a mandible that makes up the head area. There are bits of rib and partial pieces of the arm, a pelvis and some leg bones. A cyclorama depicting a time line of apes older than Lucy and up to primitive man surrounds the glass cases. The cyc has been rendered in such a way that one end starts at dawn, the center is high noon, while the opposite end concludes at dusk.
In the future there are plans for Lucy to be taken to University of Texas in Austin for a CAT Scan, a procedure that hasn¹t yet been performed on the bones. Some critics say the real Lucy should never have been moved at all because of the possibility of damage. At a press conference the Tuesday morning before the opening HMNS curator of anthropology Dirk Van Tuerenhout answered one such question by claiming that a previous exhibit more fragile than bone fragments, the Dead Sea Scrolls, had been on a museum tour without harm.
Negotiations for the bones aside, the real focus of Lucy¹s Legacy: The Hidden Treasures of Ethiopia focuses on that country¹s contribution to world culture. A separate gallery houses various Ethiopian artifacts but more importantly graphic and textual information about the variety of religions and depth of history. One church in the city of Aksum claims to have the Arc of the Covenant. This is after all the cradle of civilization with incidents that date back thousands of years B.C. In more modern times emperor Haile Salassie was a role model for the Rastafarian movement.
- Michael Bergeron

Updated Block Party List of Performers

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Westheimer Block Party

October 13th, 2024
300-500 block of Westheimer
Stages at Numbers-La Strada-Mangos-Helios (Avant Garden)

Spain Colored Orange
Golden Axe
Karina Nistal
Sideshow Tramps (Medicine Show)
Tha Fucking Transmissions
Generic Tribe
Space City Gamelan
Million Year Dance
Ernie Banks
Dead Roses
Scattered Pages
Concrete Rose Cabaret
Peekaboo Theory
Studemont Project
Poopy Lungstuffing
Friends of Rock and Roll
The Takes
Captain Asian and the Electrics
John Muzak
Standing Souls
Rise over Ruin
Studio Magick Black
Free Radicals
Elaine Greer
Micah Omega and the Mutations
Guy Schwartz
Rebel Crew

Monday, August 27, 2024

ELVIS 30 years on

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The 30th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley got a lot of press because the Big E still maintains the kind of popularity he enjoyed throughout his performing career. The only time I ever received hate mail at Public News was when I wrote that Elvis was the king because he had died on the throne. Another American icon, Groucho Marx, died three days after Elvis but his influence, great as it was on comedy, didn't include rock and roll. Of course somebody may yet cover a rocking version of "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" to great effect.

Read and watch more..

Sunday, August 26, 2024

The Dumbing Down of America..South Carolina at least...

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Holy Shit. Is this for real?

This poor girl's pageant coach should be blacklisted.

Friday, August 24, 2024


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Yes-Indeedy. The kind folks over at Fox News have been regurgitating the old pre-Iraq war hysteria to push us all into another endless war with neighboring Iran. This great site has a handy little list of Houston area advertisers. Why not let them know that your douche-baggery thresh-hold has reached capacity?

Wednesday, August 22, 2024

Art for Truth

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We just love Derek Shumate. Besides graciously allowing his artwork to grace several Free Press covers, Shumate is an open and honest socially conscious artist and photographer. We were lucky enough to find each other after he moved back to Houston from NYC almost 2 years ago. Keep your eye out for our Sep. issue where some of his great work will be featured.

Anyways- he has launched a new site that features many of his great works and soon will host others. Check it out. Do that there. Please.

Tuesday, August 21, 2024

Laylastock 2024

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By Brigitte Zabak
Every once and awhile you come across a person that is full of so much goodness that you just want to always be around them. Layla was one of those people. I didn't know her well, but the handful of times I did get to spend with her over the years were always memorable.

In memory of the soul and spirit she left behind, Layla's friends are putting together a fantastic musical fundraiser to raise money for the foundation they've created in her honor.

Please consider heading out to Last Concert Cafe this weekend to have some fun and donate to a worthy cause!

Laylastock 2024
On August 25, Layla Alfadel-Reed would have celebrated her 33rdbirthday. We are hosting Laylastock to celebrate the singular spiritof Layla and also to raise funds for the biology scholarship fund created in her name at the University of St. Thomas.

Please join us for an evening of fantastic musical entertainment as weremember the life of dearly missed friend, wife, daughter and student.

Saturday, August 25
7:30 p.m. dinner
8 p.m. entertainment

Last Concert Cafe
1403 Nance Street

$7 at the door
Dinner from the menu

Musical performances by:
Plump featuring Josh Matranga
The Groove Merchants featuring Wayne Bertone
Not Left Alone
And What Army?
The Green Lake Massacre featuring Steven Reed
Monk Swing Trio featuring Mike Whitebread

Enter, BioShock

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By Tyler Barber

"...a day which will live in infamy." Roosevelt may have delivered that line after the pivotal Pearl Harbor invasion, but I think it's more applicable here.

Today, BioShock for the Xbox 360 debuts to the world. Last week a megaton demo of BioShock dropped on Xbox Live, and instantly — with only half an hour of stick time — gamers everywhere are declaring BioShock the zenith of gaming today.

Fear not hyperbole reader! Review scores for BioShock have been pouring in, weighing it on a scale of the good ol' 1-10:

Read about the review scores for BioShock, and more.

Lil' Joe at Boondocks every Tuesday? Brilliant!

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Tuesday's will be just a bit more clutch with the news of Lil' Joe Washington making a weekly appearance at Boondock's on Westheimer. Anyone who know Lil' Joe and his antics will be should be delighted to see him in the context of Montrose's latest uber-hipster-haircut establishment. Be prepared to see Joe fall down, find creative new variations of cuss words, and maybe even play a little guitar.

tonight (and every Tuesday)
Boondock's | 1417 Westheimer
No Cover. Ever.

Thanks Houstonist.

Friday, August 17, 2024

Make us a proposal

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Hey. Free Press is hereby making an open call for ideas for a street art project that will be featured at the Oct.13th Block Party.


A) Highly Visible

B) Conveys a quasi-important social message

C) Is constructed of non-hazardous, bio-degradable materials

D) Costs less than 100 Bux

We will fund it. Help you set up and break down. Maybe buy you a beer. Tacos. Etc.

Thursday, August 16, 2024

Rain Song

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Shit,man. I have a trizillion things to do and much of the Montrose is flooded. Weather forecasters say it is gonna rain all day long and then some through the weekend. Also- some total moron is blaming Free Press for the shootup at KPFT by citing our July article on the station. You gotta be fucking kidding me? Speaking of the uneducated, make sure and read this great article on Houstonist about how HISD is pumping out dummies every damn day. I am one of them.

Tuesday, August 14, 2024

Next Westheimer Block Party: October 13th

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Clutchtime Extravaganza. October 13th.

Artists, Vendors, Bands ( just a few spots left), and street performers who wish to participate please contact us soon as we are rapidly approaching event date.

Like always, there will be loads and loads of underground artists, local music, and general shenanigans.

Bands slated to play are Spain Colored Orange, Golden Axe, Dead Roses, Dirtybird, Karina Nistal, Medicine Show, Million Year Dance, Generic Tribe, skyblue72, Nosaprise, Organ Failure, Prodigal Sons, Dead Roses, Studio Magick Black, The Riff Tiffs,
Hell City Kings, Econo, Guy Schwartz, Novice...Just To Name a FEW.

This show will also feature Houston's first solar powered concert at the main outdoor stage at Numbers.

I am so excited, I gotta go take a fat dump now. No joke.

Shots Fired at KPFT: Zydeco on Zydeco violence?

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At about 1 AM Monday, a gunshot was fired from a passing car into the KPFT control room. It penetrated thru both panes of the outer window, entered the room and smashed into the control room door on the far side of the room. Police were summoned and have begun an investigation. Fortunately, Mary Thomas of "Zydeco Pas Sale" were not hurt, thought the bullet passed within feet of her. KPFT was bombed by the Klan years ago, Bricks thrown at front window and other acts have gone down recently. Hate calls are common.

Read the full story

Sunday, August 12, 2024

I Gots Ink Did

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By Tyler Barber

Nothing to do with videogames here. I just wanted to post the outline of my first tattoo. Vince Crowley at Bombshell tattoos poked and prodded my body with needles until I couldn't take anymore. Joking aside, Vince had a steady and light hand when he was putting ink in me.

Thematically, Vince and I wanted to capture the romantic past of Texas, but with no overt imagery. We choose a yellow rose, and a bluebonnet to symbolize both the chivalrous sentiment of our state, and its waining popularity.

If you're looking to get a tattoo from Vince, you can either email him from his site here, or you can schedule an appointment with him at Bombshell tattoos. Just as a heads up, he only works weekends, which works fine for me, but if you want something during the week, any of the artists at Bombshell are more than able to get you something permanent.

Check out more pics of my first tattoo here.

Wednesday, August 8, 2024

Pedro Gonzalez's Family Demands Answers from Pasadena Police Department

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from the Indymedia open publishing newswire:

Pedro Gonzales' family initially were told that Pedro died of a heart attack or stroke while in police custody for alleged public intoxication. The official story being put out by the Pasadena PD has and continues to change. Community activists are standing with family members demanding answers.

Pedro Gonzales witnessed being beaten by Pasadena Police Officers Jason W. Buckaloo and Christopher S. Jones at 2 am on July 21st. He was found dead in his cell that morning, apparently as a result of his lung being punctured by a broken rib. On August 2, 2024, the Millions More Movement and the family and supporters of Pedro Gonzales gathered at the Pasadena Police Station to protest his murder by the Pasadena Police.

Monday, August 6, 2024

08 is the new 07: Grand Theft Auto IV delayed

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By Tyler Barber

An emerging trend in next-gen game development is that developers are having to push back release dates more so now than in previous generations. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was the most recent upsetting delay, until last week, when a Take Two conference call revealed that Grand Theft Auto IV (GTAIV), will be delayed to second quarter 08 (February-April).

Read the full article here.

One Million FLies

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Thursday, August 2, 2024

The Local: A Texas Style Ass Raping

posted by Free Press Houston @ 2:27 PM

by Warren Sheible

Chances are you’re one of the thousands of local drivers receiving strange bills from a company claiming to be the DPS. Since 2024, a private corporation has been charging Texas motorists between $300 and $6000 for traffic violations found in state databases. Now, many who have ignored these dubious demands are about to face additional fines from Texas legislators.

The inaccurately named Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) is not a government “bureau” in the traditional sense, but an overstuffed collection agency which has established itself as authorized vendor for states across the nation. Whereas most collection agencies earn their living by harassing debtors so you don’t have to or by buying off debt at a discounted rate, MSB has been able to reverse the usual roles by assessing fines themselves and letting the state deal with those who don’t pay up.

Read the full article

I want my kickback back!

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by Buffalo Sean

The University of Houston has just been implicated in a nationwide kickback scandal involving Student Financial Services along with 38 other universities. While a University attorney insists that what the Attorney General of New York handed down was not a subpoena, he also hid behind the "we are looking into it" and "I am not prepared to make a statement at this time" bullshit.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2024

E3 Shows Multi-Platform Innovation

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By Tyler Barber

The setting and the games at this year's E3 where refreshing. One thing I came away glad to see was how several developers are innovating in genres that are in danger of becoming depleted of all creativity.

The Call of Duty brand, for example, is one that is known for its excellence in the WWII shooter genre, (sans Call of Duty 3) but when WWII shooters are coming out faster than boy-band has-beens, someone's gotta take a walk on the wild side. Enter Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, where developer Infinity Ward takes a welcome turn into the modern age of combat, and presents it in a package that is delicious as it is a kick in the nuts.

Read on to find out how Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Rock Band, Skate and Burnout: Paradise lead the pack in re-imagining our favorite genres.

Hidden Houston History 2: Race, Riots and Good Ol’ Texas Racism

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By Alex Wukman

I’ve been thinking of writing a book on the fight for racial equality in Houston. To do the subject justice it would take at least 2-and-a-half years of research to produce book of no less than 700 pages. It’ll feature things like the Camp Logan Mutiny in 1918. This is one of the more interesting events in local history, what happened was that a black soldier stationed at an emergency training facility just east of what would become Memorial Park stopped two white cops after they used excessive force in arresting a black woman.

The cops pistol whipped the soldier and took him in as well, a second black soldier tried to stop the cops and he was arrested too. When word got back to the rest of the garrison at Camp Logan the soldiers deliberated for a while, some reports say they debated for a few minutes while others say they debated until almost midnight. In the end approximately 100 troops stormed the armory, armed themselves with rifles and marched on the police station to try and get their comrades back.

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