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The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of MAY 8, 2024

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Recession Thursdays featuring
Cop Warmth
/ Rusted Shut / / Midnight Pilots / Nosaprise
@ Numbers

Hey kids. Are you down and out? Is the higher price of gas and everything else outpacing your meager paycheck? Trust me, we here at the Free Press feel your pain. Our maniacal overlord, Omar, has us toiling in the mines for 23 hours straight and then he beats us senseless for the that last hour. Now, I'm not complaining - it's not a bad gig - but even we have to admit that the monthly $10 he pays us doesn't go as far as it used to at the company store. Well, now we have a damn good use for that hard earned $10 - Recession Thursdays at Numbers! An Ian McKaye approved five bucks gets ya in the joint and the drinks are cheap enough where you can dine off booze like good Saint Arnold intended.

This first outing we have the block party's show stealing sidewalk guerrilla gutter rats Cop Warmth who have never not put on a good show. These guys are like sharks and the second they stop moving they die. We also have Rusted Shut - the band that would not die no matter how many times you try to kill it. They are as tenacious as a Grey Goose - Lord Lord Lord! Midnight Pilots play big rock and Hip Hoppers Nosaprise just finished releasing their new album it looks like this (Link).

Right, well, there you are then. Come on down!



Pre-Art Car Parade party thingey
Featuring - Hearts of Animals / Young Mammals / Wicked Poseur
@ The Orange Show (7-10 FREE)

That is a pretty sweet bill and I know what you are saying - Free beats $5. Yeah yeah, I hear ya but remember that Jana Hunter show a few years back where roaches kept crawling behind her - just far enough where she didn't notice but just close enough to freak out the audience? Yeah, our Thursday thing will have none of that. Now that I've gotten sidetracked, let me just say that this should will be pretty awesome as most of these bands seem to be incapable of not delivering the goods on stage so naturally I'll be there and armed with a can of Raid.

[This just in]
Dead Roses, Future Blondes, and DJ Cub
@ the River Oaks Theatre (Midnight Free)
Attention dude pissing in the men's room and talking on the phone about how bummed you were that Future Blondes didn't play at last week's show - this may be your week!

[This just in as well]
Death Head opening
With DJs Rad Rich and Jennifer Allbritton
@ Aerosol Warfare Gallery

Just saw this posted on HUH "Rad Rich, Myself and someone else I don't know will be djing all punk rock vinyl"...Jennifer Allbritton.

I tend to overlook these events as I'm not an art critic but the DJs make this worth a stop and a mention. Me? I'm gonna drop on in on the way to the Orange show. Also check out the cool poster - sweet huh?


Awake/Golden Axe/The Jonx
@ The Mink
So were up to two days and you say you haven't had enough? Well, if this doesn't pummel you into submission I don't know what else will. It's been a while since I've seen Awake but I remember really diggign' it and being shocked at how different it was from their recordings. Golden Axe is an instrumental metal band that proves the old adage of less talk more rock. "Why muck up the rock with lyrics?" is the Axe's rhetorical question. The Jonx meanwhile are simply incredible - excellent on every level and a thrill to watch. I can't tell you how glad I am that Danny Mee (drummer who moved to Austin) didn't leave the band. This show will kill!


Blood on the Wall w/ Flowers To Hide, Minipop, Wicked Poseur
@ Walter's On Washington
OK, I admit the touring bands are not my thing but I figure y'all might be so here you are. Click the link my friends and decide for yourself. Locals Flower to Hide and Wicked Poseur though should deliver in spades!

They Who Sound
Improvised & Experimental Music
2 different sets per night
David Dove / Jawwaad Taylor +
Perseph One / And Accelerator
@ The Backroom (The Mink) 6pm $5
Coolness! This is a new showcase over at the Mink Backroom. It's a bit early - 6pm- but it looks like a great idea. David Dove is a wonderful player with the instincts and brains needed to pull off improvisation and make it engaging and thought provoking. Local Hip Hop queen Perseph One jumps in with Jawwaad Taylor which should make for an interesting time. Cool idea. Kudos to the Mink for putting this on. [Sidenote: the Tuesday $10 bottle of wine deal at the Mink is badass too. ]


Ace Frehley/Hell City Kings
@ The Meridian
Ace Frehley need I say any more?

Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans
@ Boondocks
Very cute ska/ reggae stuff from some ex-Skarnales. Kind of like Jakie Mitto eating BarBQ while drinking a Shiner!


The Cave Singers/Dark Meat/Quiet Hooves
@ Walter's on Washington
Seattle's Cave Singers really should be worth seeing; they do some really nice folk rock thats quiet, patient, and sparse - music that creeps up on you. Kind of an odd pairing to put them with Athens, GA's Dark Meat who could either be really high-energy fun on stage or merely an annoying group of bored theater majors.

Brown Bird, Sabra Laval, & Cory Derden
@ Boondocks
Folk-a-rama numba 2! If you missed Sabra and Cory a few weeks ago now you chance to see them again and if you caught them last go round then do it again!


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