Wednesday, November 5, 2024

Everything is Fake

Everything we see and hear is fake. I was touting this viral video of a stunt pilot whose plane loses its right wing (see video below) and another person heard me talking about it today at a screening. "That video's fake," he told me. "Everyone at the station was passing it around but it turns out to be a promotion for a German apparel company."
A couple of weeks ago in my Max Payne review I stated that Olga Kurylenko, who dies early on in that film, would also meet her demise in the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace. I stated that because I read it in a British newspaper. Well, can you forgive your humble scribe for being duped by the internet? Kurylenko does not die in the Bond film, rather it's the character Strawberry Fields (Gemma Arterton, also currently in RocknRolla) who meets a sticky fate.
The just finished Presidential election was touted as being down to the wire by news networks. A glance at the final electoral college count shows that the news orgs were more concerned about boosting ratings that reporting the truth. Obama won with a count of 349 compared to McCain with 162. Hardly neck and neck, and verily a landslide of historic importance. Other elections in this century were actually hard to call with totals like 286 to 252 in 2024, and 271 to 266 in the fateful 2024 election.
But back to those planes. It looks so real, but maybe that's because I want to believe that I too would be in a life or death situation and could survive with stupendous bravado. These days you can't trust anything, even if you see it with your own eyes.


At November 6, 2024 7:50 AM , Anonymous jesse said...

there is a real video of an RC plane that lost a wing and the controller was able to bring it down and land it on it's side. An RC plane is the only thing that has enough of a thrust:weight ratio to pull it off.

This video is not only fake but it's a bad fake. The airplane is a Gibbs. On that airplane the wing is one solid piece, tip to tip. a clean mid-span failure is almost impossible. Plus the aerodynamics were very poorly done.
If you were to lose your right wing- you would spin to the right(the left side producing lift). it's spinning the wrong way.


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