Thursday, December 11, 2024

Matthew Shipp Trio on Sunday

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One of the coolest things about all the Nameless Sound shows is that they are free to anyone under 21 as they recently did with their The Thing show. I like to guess this is because David Dove and the good folks over there are doing the Lord's work by encouraging the young whipper-snappers to come bask in the glory of what is musicians who study their instruments. Cause let's face it, that is few and far between these days. Anyways, this Sunday the 14th they host Matthew Shipp Trio at Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex. Shipp is the surely the Hogan of shredtastic avant-weird piano noodling and is a mind boggling sight to see. Better yet, here is how the equally esoteric press release describes his work:

"The premiere pianist in this generation of avant-garde jazz musicians, Matthew Shipp has forged a body of work that is a testament to the breadth and power of his vision. Shortly after his arrival in New York in 1984, he was working as a sideman with prominent musicians such as William Parker, Roscoe Mitchell, and David S. Ware. It wasn't long before Shipp established himself as a vital creative force in his own right. Shipp is obviously well-learned in the piano tradition (and piano technique), but his highly unique style resists easy comparisons. Patterns weave into dense textures until beautiful melodic lines are revealed at their core. Powerful clusters yield to surprisingly graceful and swinging rhythms. Shipp is a pianist (and improvisor) who brings a composer's understanding to the elements of music. Musical ideas may fragment into shards, only to be reconstructed and shaped into new material. Simple elements expand in multiple directions to become the basis for complex structure. Layers of sound and texture often suggest 20th century classical music, though Shipp always manages to unearth a swinging propulsion underneath it all. Shipp's clarity of vision is remarkable. Even more remarkable is Shipp's ability to expand that vision. Shipp has collaborated with most of the vital artists in New York City's Avant Garde jazz scene."


At December 14, 2024 7:42 AM , Anonymous Nameless Sound said...

Thanks FPH for the love! This will be a great show. And it is indeed our mission to turn on the people (young and old) to the music. Sorry to nitpick – but you’ve gotten me a little worried about an army of disgruntled 18, 19 and 20 year–olds giving hell to our staff and volunteers! Why? Well – our official policy is that “Everyone under 18 gets in for free.” That being said, we know what it’s like to be a poor 19-year-old. And we are pretty accommodating at the door if you have some appropriate amount of bread to donate to the cause. NS is def not a profit-driven enterprise! We just want you to see the music!


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