Saturday, May 31, 2024

Holy Hummos!

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Words can't describe the fact that this is a whole different planet with a whole different species.

More to come...exhausted and jet lagged...diarhea...


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Friday, May 30, 2024

The Fall

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Technically The Fall fires on all cylinders. When you aren't being wowed by the story, the costumes are distracting you from the amazing locations. Tarsem evidently spent much of his money making this film, spent years doing it and utilized the kind of inspiration that comes from visiting some of the world's most captivating regions. If you can recall 70s films like El Topo, a metaphysical western, or Red Sun, where an international cast treks through the desert ... read rest of story here

Thursday, May 29, 2024

This Week's Hot End-Of-The-School-Year Preview (May 30th)

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Damn it's getting hot but, hey, School's out right? The McKenzies (right) have a suggestion for you all on how to make the most of it - have yourself a pool party! Hell yes! Though we think you'll have a better time if you adopt less modest clothing like say a bathing suit.

We'll take it a step further and suggest that after your dip in the pool you can catch a wave a great shows including The McKenzies, Awake, The Gold Sounds, Sad Like Crazy, Olds 97, The Bellrays, X, Detroit Cobras, Delta Spirit, El Desmadre, Black Congress and more. School's over! Jump on in! (Link)

Photo- Uncredited (from the McKenzies' myspace)

Thursday night preview - The Sword!

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Hey, we're moving to a Friday to Thursday format starting tomorrow but, dude, The Sword are playing tonight! How can I not mention that? (Link)

Wednesday, May 28, 2024

Continental Airlines is a Greyhound with wings.

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No shit. Despite being a local homegrown airline, I gotta say Continental bites that fat one. I will be blogging from the middle east the next 3 weeks and the 1st 36 hours have been marred by mis-steps by the inept fuckers from this airline. Our flight to Lebanon had to be delayed by a day, re-routed through Jordan, and it is dubious as to whether I will have luggage at all. Nonetheless, the good thing is that folks here in the mid-east smoke directly below 'no smoking' signs. The signs merely remind them to smoke. A 4 year old kid just came up to me and bummed a cig and then proceeded to feel up my girls ass. Well, maybe that did not really happen but you get the idea. Aight, well, I land in 'war-torn' Beirut in just a couple of hours and will soon let you know what it be. Reporting live from the land of falafel and terrorists, I'm Omar Afra.

Monday, May 26, 2024

Live review - Ume, Wild Moccasins, and News on the March on Saturday

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Fear and bow to the woman on the Telecaster as her power is great and she leads a mighty force! Yea, for she is Lauren of Ume. Read the accounts of her might as well as the victorious assaults led by The Wild Moccasins and News on the March. (Link)

Sunday, May 25, 2024

June Recession Thursdays Line-up will melt your face.

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Friday, May 23, 2024

This week in Music (for the Week of May 23rd 2024)

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It's a weekend of worthy benefits, Japanese Apricots, Continents, Dead Guys, Zines, Metal, Chanteuses, and more. Check it. (Link)

Thursday, May 22, 2024

Linus Roache appears at RO3 Friday night

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Free Press Houston spoke by phone to Linus Roache last week regarding his starring role in Before the Rains. Roache will be familiar to viewers of Law and Order (Michael Cutter) or as Christian Bale’s dad in Batman Begins but those are his mainstream roles. In fact, as a child in the 70s Roache appeared in Coronation Street, a British soap opera that stars his father William Roache. “I was only on a couple of episodes,” recalled Roache, “But my dad has starred on the show since 1960.” Coronation Street is the longest running BBC soap and still airs.
The lavish drama of Before the Rains takes in the political atmosphere (continued) ...

Tuesday, May 20, 2024

Saturday Night is gonna change your religion!

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We at the FPH here love to over-zealously promote ourselves but we also like to do Jedi things like raise food/money for folks who need it. That's why we have 6 great bands at Numbers this Saturday who are all gonna help us gather non-perishable food items for the End Hunger Network. It's gonna be super deluxe.

The American Sharks
News on the March
The Wild Moccassins
The McKenzies
Audio in the Pre-Gap
Cave Reverand

Saturday May 24th
300 Westheimer
8 bux
Bring canned goods please.Lots of them.

Check it! Free Something Fierce Download!!!

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Woohooo!!! Get your punk on with the new Houston Punk board and get a free Something Fierce EP too! (Link)

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Monday, May 19, 2024

Live review - Papermoons and Bright Men of Learning at the Mink on Friday

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Did that dude at the back patio of Griff's ever relinquish the TV?
Did I make it to the Mink in time for the Wild Moccasins?
Did Bright Men of Learning Use the JMan Mobile?
Did Papermoons (left) whip out the Bass Pedals?

These and many other questions are elucidated here. (Link)

Saturday, May 17, 2024

Am I the only one who sees this?

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Radiohead tonight. Clay Aiken opens.

Wow!!! Hey Musicians!!! Free Studio time with Frank Davis!

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Awesomeness see that guy with the guitar neck spliced onto a snare drum? Well, you can record with him....for free!!! (Link)

Photo by Rosa Guerrero

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Friday, May 16, 2024

This weeks shows for the week of 16 May 2024

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Sorry ladies, the man in the shades is spoken for. This week you can drink away your jealousy as the newly married rootsy rocker kicks it with Papermoons and The Wild Moccasins. Also this week you there are mysterious hardcore shows, sold out big time shows that you can pretend you didn't care about in the first place, Indian Jewelry returns from the road, and the usual shenanigans about town from Alarma, SCO, and Come See My Dead Person. Oh yeah and Sting is still annoying as Fuck! (Link)

Thursday, May 15, 2024

Tonight's activities for the youngsters.

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Part 1 of this week's preview (sorry we're busy with print deadlines). We'll have the rest of the week up tomorrow but, for right, now here's what's up tonight. (link)

Tuesday, May 13, 2024

I can't speak for the rest of the Free Press staff but here is the ticket I am endorsing...

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Sunday, May 11, 2024

This week's live reviews - You are a poser! Golden Axe, Jonx, Wicked Poseur, Young Mammals, & Hearts of Animals

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Why is Golden Axe's James Love smiling? Cause he know just how much of a freaking poser you are!!!

This week:
  • How unmetal are we?
  • Awesomeness at the Orange Show with Wicked Poseur, Young Mammals, and Hearts of Animals
  • An asswhoopin' at the Jonx, Golden Axe, and Awake show at the Mink.


Thursday, May 8, 2024

This weeks shows for the week of 08 May 2024

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But that's not all going on this week. Ya got Hearts of Animals, Young Mammals, Wicked Poseur, Golden Axe, The Jonx, Sabra Laval, Cave Singers, that dude from Kiss, and a whole lot more! (Link)

Tuesday, May 6, 2024

What’s so ‘Green’ about Discovery Green?

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I poop on this park
By Omar Afra

Granted, the name for Discovery Green, Houston new ‘park’ that sits just in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center, was part of a public contest and was not picked by some municipal boogie man. But, I gotta ask the question.
After hearing the non-stop hoopla about the 122 million dollar city project, I decided to check it out several days after the initial wave of inaugural attendants were left and gone. I decided to leave my cynicism behind and try to see this park as objectively as possible. Nonetheless, I called a good friend to join me on my excursion. He was not available so I called 6 more friends. Neither were they so I summoned the Sith-lord that is Alex Wukman. Our trek did not start of well. First and foremost, parking is a whopping 10 dollars. That seems rather steep for a public park. After strangling a passerby and stealing his wallet, we made our way to the underground parking lot. This is undoubtedly the 1st time I parked my vehicle underground to go to a park. Hmmm. Despite this, we carried on into the 12 acre park to be initially greeted by hordes of Kingwood children splashy-splashing their way through the glorified water hose that the city dubs ‘interactive water features’. It is basically several holes in the ground in a 50-foot by 50-foot area that spray water. No shit. Just open for 6 days, the summer-tastic smell of children’s urine and dog scheizzer was just pungent enough to penetrate the inviting smell of the 2 restaurants on site. Which brings me to my next complaint. Discovery Green hosts two places to eat that are ostensibly privately owned yet operate on public grounds. You got your choice of highbrow-overpriced-pretentious spot ‘The Grove’ or a gussied up Mickey Dees called ‘The Lake House’. Why the fuck is it called the ‘Lake House’. Me thinks it is the dirty, brown moat the city calls a ‘lake’ that is built adjacent to the eateries which hosts model boat racing rental and brave kids dipping their feet into the putrid waters. This is the kind of pond folks used to dump dookie and carcasses into a hundred years ago. (Do I sound like an asshole? I hope not because I am severely understating my case.) Anyways, the whole park is lined with children’s playgrounds surrounded by smoking parents surrounded by pooping dogs. The grass in the whole facility is poorly planted and calling it a park is a stretch in itself. I did not see a glimmer of anything that either promoted or encouraged environmental responsibility. Missing were any receptacles for attendants to consciously dispose of their trash discerningly via ‘paper’ and ‘plastic’ bins. There are few trees, no natural beauty, and the place is no very jogger, bicycler, or even walker friendly. And of course, here is the clincher, skateboards are not allowed. Way to alienate a whole shit-ton of the youth population! This place would more aptly be referred to as a ‘private yet free entertainment facility that happens to be outdoors.’ This park belongs in Dallas. Now, of course with massive city projects always come celebrity corporation namings, endowments, and sponsorships. Make your way from the ‘Waste Management’ Gardens to the ‘Anheuser Busch Amphitheater’. Also, our dear mayor and his wife even got their own ‘promenade’!
Too bad, because all I ultimately saw in this park is a bonafied Temple of Impermanence and Poorly-used City Funds on a par with the Kemah Boardwalk. I love parks and was frankly excited at the prospect at the city having something like a Central Park of sorts. Fat chance. Well, 122 Million Bucks is a lot of money. I have this strange feeling the city could have more wisely utilized the resources. Hmm, how about the following:

1. Revamp and maintain the hundreds of smaller neighborhood parks that desperately need funds

2. Address the ever growing homelessness problem in Houston whether via expanded meal programs, housing, job training

3. Created a municipal arts endowment that funds ‘street-level’ artists to do public works

4. Start at ‘micro-credit’ bureau that gives loans to faltering mom-pop businesses in neighborhoods that are falling apart

5. At least fix that one massive-fucking pothole on Westheimer just east of Montrose in the right hand lane-heading west…

The list goes on, and on, and on, and…………..

Sunday, May 4, 2024

Saturday Night Live Reviews - Jon Benet, Sharks & Sailors, Oh Pioneers, Closet City, Dead Roses, and The Wiggins.

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Wait! Is that a giant belly dancing Betty Page behindthe Dead Roses? Par for the course for another Saturday night in Houston. Follow the link for a review of The Dead Roses and the Wiggins over atthe River Oaks Theatre and the Jon Benet, Sharks and Sailors, Oh Pioneers, and Closet City at Walters. (Link)

Thursday, May 1, 2024

Recession Thursdays Starting May 8th

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In response to our current economic slowdown, Free Press Houston has concocted a Thursday Night local music showcase that is both easy on your pocketbook and loaded with clutch-time super-deluxe bands. We start off in May with shows on the 8th and 15th yet will be in full swing every Thursday come June. Expect to see 4-5 great bands for just 5 bux and enjoy 1.50 draft beers and other cheap drinks all in the comfort of the coziest venue on earth: Numbers.
Just make sure and poop before you show up to avoid a run-in with one of their famous toilets.

Bands slated to play in June include:
Satin Hooks
The Ton Tons
The Gold Sounds
Mechanical Boy
The Fucking Transmissions
Basses Loaded
Dead Roses
and a shit-ton more...

Doors at 8pm
300 Westheimer

This month in the Free Press - Born Liars

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Remember that Jackie Chan film Drunken Master where Jackie would get drunk and kick everyone's ass? Well, that about describes the mayhem of the Born Liars' raucous shows. We sat down with them at Lola's earlier this month as they drunkenly dropped their thoughts on hipsters, political correctness, why bands need to stop bitching about audiences not dancing, and a hella lot more. If there is a Houston band that truly doesn't give a flying fuck what you think - this is it. (Link)

Photo by Rosa Guerrero

This weeks shows for the week of 01 May 2024

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The Jonbenet are setting off for the wilderness this week becasue bears need to rock ....and rock hard. I'm glad they picked this Saturday to kick off their tour with Sharks & Sailors and Oh Pioneers because, let's face it, it's a slow week. Slow, yes, but there are some other bright spots. Beyond this show, you have B. and Elaine Greer on Monday night while The Breeders and The Whigs will be competing for your Wednesday night. For the deets on these and other shows --> Link.
Photo credit (as per Drakemirow