Sunday, May 17, 2024

A few things to ponder..

posted by Free Press Houston @ 2:04 PM

-'Leb-Tex', as I call the convenient store next door to Rudyard's which is just about the only place in town you can get a 'Shawerma Con Queso', really ought to consider keeping the cafe open on Sundays and delivery as well. Just a thought.

-Tim Dorsey has been released from jail. He punched a cop. He works for Free Press. We officially have more felons than college graduates.

-I can't really honestly tell that Bush is no longer president.

-I watched the first half of the Rockets game at Griff's and ordered the ' Ass Burn Wings'. They were not in the vicinity of spicy. I even put one in my ass to double check, and nothing. There should be a system to gauge spiciness made for white people.

- Pending a few bureaucratic hurdles, we will be producing a massive summer fest Aug. 8-9 at Eleanor Tinsley Park. More info soon. Lots of clutch bands.

- Everyone always says Biggie is better than Pac, but I think he had a wider range of emotions. You never heard Big get angry, laugh, or anything else than the same " Hoes from Pen State" vibe.

- I reallly miss the Skyline Network. Sometimes I open it up, stare at the 'closed sign', and curse ADR ever so lightly under my breath.

- I am getting really sick of the use of 'DIY' in our contemporary lexicon. Of course you gotta do it yourself, who the fuck else will? It also has transformed into shorthand for something that is done shitty. As if the fact that you did it all yourself is an acceptable excuse for creating crap.

- I have had sooo many bikes stolen from me. My most favorite ever was jacked last week. If having your bike stolen was a science, I would be Isaac Fucking Newton.


At May 18, 2024 7:29 AM , Blogger b.s. said...

Screw the white people hot scale, that's not the problem. Texans don't know wings is all. If you're ever in Buffalo, order the suicide wings and watch the flesh drip off your face.

At May 18, 2024 8:22 AM , Anonymous Omar said...

Your probably right. Ignorance is bliss.

At May 18, 2024 9:15 AM , Blogger shelby hohl said...

Didn't Jermaine Rogers once say "Punk rock don't mean shitty"?
yeeeeeaaa boyeeeeee

At May 18, 2024 9:27 AM , Anonymous rachel t said...

this list was well written and hilarious.
you make work fun

rachel t.

At May 19, 2024 7:43 AM , Anonymous Evan said...

Afra, your bike got ripped off? Man that's a bummer homie. Tim is out? Good to hear. I can't tell from up in here in Canada, but I assume sheeple are starting to get the idea across the States that there is no difference between the new guy and the old guy up in Washington. But even these fucking Canucks up here love ObAma (with a macron on the A) EH???


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