Thursday, May 28, 2024

Just How Rigged is the NBA?

posted by Mills-McCoin @ 4:04 PM

Currently the Cavaliers are leading in the first quarter, but what if that doesn't last?  What if the Lebron James v Kobe Bryant "return of the messiah" match never comes to fruition?
We've been cattle-prodded with all manner of marketing, steering us in one direction... if the NBA refuses to "give" us Lebron v Kobe then my body will shut down.  I will crumble onto the floor where ever I may stand.  It will crush me.  
Just kidding.
If the Cavs lose tonight- the NBA is STILL rigged.  So relax.  We're still manipulated addicts.
If the Cavs win tonight- the NBA is NOT rigged at all.                             Are you kidding?  Of course it's still rigged.
In any way, you should stop worrying about it.  I'm more worried about the ending of LOST than I am finding truth in the NBA?


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