Friday, May 29, 2024

Several days of FREE BEER....and music at Cactus Records

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Non-stop in-store greatness at Cactus to close out May

Thursday 5/28 - The Belleville Outfit @ 5PM (sharp)

Austin's fave acoustic band swings by to celebrate a brand new record before their two shows at the Duck.

Friday 5/29 - Cordero @ 5:30PM
Puerto-Rican Americana punk rock awesomeness that will turn our store into a party.
Saturday 5/30 - The Magpies @ 1PM
Groovy rootsy piano driven rock band from Ohio have been playing Texas frequently of late. We're having them back just six weeks or so after their last in-store cuz we like them that much. Maybe the best band you've never heard of?

Saturday 5/30 - Dex Romweber Duo @ 3:30PM
We're honored to have the man who began this whole "we're a trio, but don't need a drummer thing." The Flat Duo Jets we're a hoot in their day and Dex's in-store is gonna rock. His new Bloodshot disc is reeeeeaaal nice and includes guest appearances by Cat Power, Neko Case and Exene.
Refreshments provided by the St Arnold Brewing co. and Rolling Rock


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