Sunday, May 24, 2024

Things to ponder..

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by Omar

The other day I went to Whole Foods and ate: Chicken Chile Verde, 2 cups of soup, Celebration Veggie Roast, bottle of electrolyte enhanced water, Chocolate Croissant, and Tofu Rice yet only paid for the water. Tell us of your near-free grandiose meals there or at Central Market.

Details of the FPH SummerFest to be released June 1st. It's gonna make you doubt your own sexuality.

El Rey is prob one of the best, cheapest spots in town. Their Cuban-Mexican hybrid is feresh, reasonably priced, and tasty like non other. I tried the Ceviche today. For breakfast. Heartburn: yes. Delicious: Absolutely.

Remember: There is NO TEA in a Long Island Iced Tea.

There always seems to be periods in which people harken back to as a golden period in the local music scene. Are we not in one of those right now?

What will happen when Willie Nelson dies? Fuck.

Sorta-New local bands to watch out for(to name a few): Grandfather Child, The Brood, Ghormeh Sabzi, JuzCoz...

I saw birds flying inside of Costco the other day. It nearly brought tears to my eyes for many reasons.

The image below says it all...( know who did this? I can't seem to find):


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