Friday, May 29, 2024

Several days of FREE BEER....and music at Cactus Records

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Non-stop in-store greatness at Cactus to close out May

Thursday 5/28 - The Belleville Outfit @ 5PM (sharp)

Austin's fave acoustic band swings by to celebrate a brand new record before their two shows at the Duck.

Friday 5/29 - Cordero @ 5:30PM
Puerto-Rican Americana punk rock awesomeness that will turn our store into a party.
Saturday 5/30 - The Magpies @ 1PM
Groovy rootsy piano driven rock band from Ohio have been playing Texas frequently of late. We're having them back just six weeks or so after their last in-store cuz we like them that much. Maybe the best band you've never heard of?

Saturday 5/30 - Dex Romweber Duo @ 3:30PM
We're honored to have the man who began this whole "we're a trio, but don't need a drummer thing." The Flat Duo Jets we're a hoot in their day and Dex's in-store is gonna rock. His new Bloodshot disc is reeeeeaaal nice and includes guest appearances by Cat Power, Neko Case and Exene.
Refreshments provided by the St Arnold Brewing co. and Rolling Rock

Thursday, May 28, 2024

Just How Rigged is the NBA?

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Clearly, Nike has a marketing campaign hellbent on Kobe and Lebron meeting in the NBA Finals.  Is this the result of the NBA whispering in the ear of NIKE?

Thurs night dome & metal

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Once nicknamed the "Eighth Wonder of the World" the Astrodome was the first domed sports stadium when it opened in 1965. Join us at the Contemporary Art Museum (CAM, Bissonette @ Montrose) for a special screening of the Astrodome as portrayed in documentaries and films, curated by artist/curator Andrea Grover.
Thursday, May 28, 2024 at 6:30 p.m.
“The Pleasures of this Stately Dome,” 1975, Geoff Winningham, 54:00, 16mm on video, color, sound
A study of the Houston Astrodome as a folk theater, created on the 10th anniversary of the opening of the dome. The film includes vintage footage from the construction and grand opening of the Astrodome in 1965, plus footage from ten years of diverse and memorable shows.
“The Lord of the Universe,” 58:00, 1974, TVTV (Top Value Television), color, sound, video
Sixteen-year-old guru Marahaj Ji attempts to levitate the Houston Astrodome in this 1973 DuPont award winning documentary. Follow the guru from his New York mansion to limousines in Houston and listen to his followers celebrities and non-celebrities alike extol his virtues.


Canadian heavy metal band Anvil will play a live music set immediately following the special 9:45 p.m. show of ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL at the Angelika Film Center, Thursday, May 28, 2024.

Finally, Can I Get a Break?

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Alright, so finally some free time to actually say things about music. I love music. I love saying things about them. I do not love having that taken away by busy-ness.

So tonight, be good, go to Elaine Greer, get that CD and then read about the rest of the weekend here.

Black Metal Priestess Elaine Greer discusses her new EP with The Free Press

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:01 AM

Elaine Greer has long been one of Black Metal's most engaging performers. Her ferocious 8 octave range and blazing fast solos are only matched by her bloody and vicious stage performances - performances that usually end in riots and have been banned in 7 EU countries. Be it burning churches in Scandinavia or murdering bandmates for falling short of Black Metal's ideals, Greer is not to be taken lightly. We spoke with Greer in her Fortress of Solitude in Oulu, Finland about her new CD.

FPH: Your new album cover "Making Plans and Going Places" is very dark. What are you trying to convey with such violent and disturbing imagery?

EG: Death, mostly.

FPH: Is it true that for Austin, Travis,and Andrew to join your band that they had to drink goat's blood and participate in a Black Mass?

EG: Yes. they didn't mind much though.

FPH: How many Churches have you burned down in the name of Odin?

EG: 86

If you are metal enough for the rest of the interview follow the link to the music section (Link)


Wednesday, May 27, 2024

A/V Swap Houston Info Session Tonight

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The AV Swap is an annual event that brings together the creative minds of musicians and filmmakers in an experimental collaborative event.

The concept is creative: filmmakers submit a short movie without a soundtrack and composers submit a soundtrack without a movie. Then the curators play matchmaker and assign each filmmaker a soundtrack for which he or she creates a NEW movie, and composers receive a movie for which they create a NEW soundtrack.

Want to learn more about the A/V Swap? To learn more about digital filmmaking, digital audio recording and NTSC to MOV conversion? Want to see some of Sharad Patel's sweet films?

Come to the Info Session sponsored by Spactaker, where you can relax with a glass of wine and ask all your questions!

Wednesday, May 27, 2024

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Spacetaker @ Winter Street Studios

2101 Winter Street (off Sawyer Street)

Leisure Sexism

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"DESPITE changing attitudes and even laws to promote equality between the sexes, it appears that women still have their work cut out. Men enjoy more leisure time than women in every one of 18 countries examined by the OECD. Italian men have it easiest in comparison with women, lazing around for nearly 80 minutes more each than women who, apparently, clean the house. Other staunch Catholic countries also see big gaps between the sexes, and even in egalitarian Norway men manage to sneak an extra four minutes more to themselves." Thanks Asad...

Tuesday, May 26, 2024

Summer Hours

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Director Oliver Assayas (Demonlover, Irma Vep) was the subject of a retrospective about five-years ago at the Rice Media Center. The RMC showed select films of his from the 80s and 90s. For the program Assayas had sent a list of music to be played before each film, different songs reflecting his state of mind when doing each film.
You have to admire any director that took the time to write down a discography of mostly new wave and post-punk songs to accompany showings of his earlier works. At the end of Summer Hours (L'Heure d'été), currently unwinding at the River Oaks Three, the credits roll with a similar fresh sound. Although I consider late 60s psychedelic folksters The Incredible String Band obscure by American standards those in the know accept it (the song is off their second LP The 5000 Spirits or The Layers of the Onion) as one of the core LPs from that era. Films by Oliver Assayas mean something.
Summer Hours imparts as much character into non-animate objects like designer armoires and desks, late 19th century vases and famous paintings as it does .... (continued)

The Virgins Tonight at Rudz

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Too Bored catches up with Homie Robert Ellis as he Releases his new Record

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Sunday, May 24, 2024

Things to ponder..

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by Omar

The other day I went to Whole Foods and ate: Chicken Chile Verde, 2 cups of soup, Celebration Veggie Roast, bottle of electrolyte enhanced water, Chocolate Croissant, and Tofu Rice yet only paid for the water. Tell us of your near-free grandiose meals there or at Central Market.

Details of the FPH SummerFest to be released June 1st. It's gonna make you doubt your own sexuality.

El Rey is prob one of the best, cheapest spots in town. Their Cuban-Mexican hybrid is feresh, reasonably priced, and tasty like non other. I tried the Ceviche today. For breakfast. Heartburn: yes. Delicious: Absolutely.

Remember: There is NO TEA in a Long Island Iced Tea.

There always seems to be periods in which people harken back to as a golden period in the local music scene. Are we not in one of those right now?

What will happen when Willie Nelson dies? Fuck.

Sorta-New local bands to watch out for(to name a few): Grandfather Child, The Brood, Ghormeh Sabzi, JuzCoz...

I saw birds flying inside of Costco the other day. It nearly brought tears to my eyes for many reasons.

The image below says it all...( know who did this? I can't seem to find):

Friday, May 22, 2024

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you SPORTS.

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This is NOT  ESPN or SportsRadio 610.  Or the new hot girl, 1560 The Game.
This is FPH.  Expect sarcasm, cynicism and cutthroat analysis.  There's no crying in baseball and you can be for damn sure there's no cotton candy here at the Free Press Houston Sportsdesk.  My name is Mills-McCoin, let's just get started.
In the video below, you will recognize Phil Jackson "The Zen Master", he's the head coach of the LA Lakers.   The woman riding shotgun is Phil's boss's daughter, Jeanie Buss.

Thursday, May 21, 2024

Weekend be looking way clutch for live ass music.

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This Flock of Seagulls pic is no joke my friends. They are playing Saturday night at Raceway Park. Couple that with the born again Christian guy from Korn playing in Tomball and you have a brilliantly awkward weekend. But besides things that make you cringe, both Saturday and Sunday are chock full of great music. Cedric Burnside throws down at Cactus Music Saturday at 2:30 where the St. Arnolds beer flows like the Salmon of Capistrano. (Video below.) Local superdupergroup Grandfather Child at Walter's will surely be aces as they open for Extra Golden. Super Happy kicks off their Matinee show which is a grand idea of having an open sign up for bands to play 1-7 on Saturdays. They got like a trillion bands playing and it is free so you have no excuse. Most importantly, Queensryche is playing House of Blues: Go pay 12 bux for a beer and soak up the Silent Lucidity. Shit yes bromide. But if I do one solitary thing this weekend I will go see Black Congress at 3PM on Saturday at 2502 La Branch. Specifically because a member of the band recently sent me a message saying Roy Mata is allergic to sunlight and it may be interestign to watch him melt. That's all.


Hometown Hoedown, featuring Blackmarket Syndicate, Molotov Compromise, Rats in the Attic, & more @ The Jet Lounge
Spain Colored Orange/Benjamin Wesley @ Mango's
Welfare Mothers/XYX/Footsies/Limb/Ratas del Vaticano/Muhammid Ali @ Notsuoh
Quiet Morning & the Calamity/Sew What/Elaine Greer/Dana Falconberry/Sunset/Robert Ellis @ Super Happy Fun Land
Soulcase/Magnetic/Journey Agents/We Are Halffnelson/Mic Skills @ The Mink
Pierced Arrows/Orange Is In/Dead Roses @ Rudyard's
Queensryche @ House of Blues
Searching for Signal @ Super Happy Fun Land
Girl Shy, featuring Two Star Symphony @ Discovery Green
City Of God/Turncoat/Odis/The Mondays/Cameren Meshell @ Fitzgerald's
India Arie @ Arena Theatre
Earle Brown Band/Sun Salvation @ Dean's Credit Clothing
The Failed Attempt/Los Desconocidos/The Buzzkillers/Always Guilty @ Fitzdown
Indigo Girls @ Verizon Wireless Theater
The Drafted/The Kamikaze-Overture/The Moonchers @ The Pitt (Pasadena)
Brian "Head" Welch @ Salem Auditorium (Tomball)

Extra Golden/Grandfather Child @ Walter's on Washington
Buxton/The Goods/Hollywood Black @ Notsuoh
Harvey Milk/The Linus Pauling Quartet/Bolt/Ghost Town Electric @ Rudyard's
The Riff Tiffs/The McKenzies/Built By Snow/Earnie Banks @ The MinkSaxon @ The Meridian
Super Happy Saturday Afternoon Matinee Show, featuring 10th Grade Cutie, Knight Mare, The Redgraves, Rainbows in Your Wildest Dreams, Sweet Wednesday, Francesca, & more @ Super Happy Fun Land (1-7PM)
Black Congress @ 2502 La Branch (3PM)
Metavenge/Revengance/Spin Alley @ Fitzgerald's
Cedric Burnside/Lightnin' Malcolm @ Cactus Music (2:30PM)
The Dollyrots/The Action Design/The Crazy Ivans @ Fitzdown
Shack Up Dance Party, featuring Ceeplus @ Mango's
A Flock of Seagulls/When In Rome/Dramarama/Gene Loves Jezebel @ The Showgrounds at Sam Houston Race Park
DJ Mel/Squincy Jones/Dayta @ Boondocks
Underworld, featuring DJ Chemist, DJ Mina, DJ Pthalo, DJ vvJames, & The Dead Bang @ Numbers
Sheila Swift (VH1 video shoot) @ Dean's Credit Clothing
Heads of State (Gill/Brown/Tresvant) @ Arena Theatre
Band of Heathens @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck

Wednesday, May 20, 2024

Dinner and a movie at Sedition Books tonight: In the Time of the Butterflies

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Tofu Spinach Lasagna? Salma Hayek? Tales of fascist oppression? You had me at Fascist Lasagna.

In the Time of the Butterflies (2001, 90 min) is a tale of courage and sisterhood set in the Dominican Republic during the rise of the Trujillo dictatorship. This film is inspired by the true story of the Mirabal sisters who, in 1960, were murdered for their part in a plot to overthrow the government.

Only $5.00 per person.
901 Richmond Ave.
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
(Cheapest Date in Town)

Tuesday, May 19, 2024

Crips and Bloods: Made in America tonight at Rice Media Center

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This candid film explores the connectivity between 20th century race relations and gang activity today in profound but simple street language. For instance, participation in gangs sharply rose after the vacuum left in the 60's after membership in political groups from Black Panthers to Rainbow Coalition declined. The film recounts experiences and narratives from gang members, rioters, and those who lived in poverty struck areas in these tumultuous times. Distinctions between 'riot's and 'guerrilla warfare' are made that you may have never considered and sharp insights into day to day life in such contexts. In short, go see this film or I am gonna split your wig.

7 p.m. Rice Media Center, 6100 Main. For information, call 713-348-4853 or visit Free.

Sunday, May 17, 2024

A few things to ponder..

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-'Leb-Tex', as I call the convenient store next door to Rudyard's which is just about the only place in town you can get a 'Shawerma Con Queso', really ought to consider keeping the cafe open on Sundays and delivery as well. Just a thought.

-Tim Dorsey has been released from jail. He punched a cop. He works for Free Press. We officially have more felons than college graduates.

-I can't really honestly tell that Bush is no longer president.

-I watched the first half of the Rockets game at Griff's and ordered the ' Ass Burn Wings'. They were not in the vicinity of spicy. I even put one in my ass to double check, and nothing. There should be a system to gauge spiciness made for white people.

- Pending a few bureaucratic hurdles, we will be producing a massive summer fest Aug. 8-9 at Eleanor Tinsley Park. More info soon. Lots of clutch bands.

- Everyone always says Biggie is better than Pac, but I think he had a wider range of emotions. You never heard Big get angry, laugh, or anything else than the same " Hoes from Pen State" vibe.

- I reallly miss the Skyline Network. Sometimes I open it up, stare at the 'closed sign', and curse ADR ever so lightly under my breath.

- I am getting really sick of the use of 'DIY' in our contemporary lexicon. Of course you gotta do it yourself, who the fuck else will? It also has transformed into shorthand for something that is done shitty. As if the fact that you did it all yourself is an acceptable excuse for creating crap.

- I have had sooo many bikes stolen from me. My most favorite ever was jacked last week. If having your bike stolen was a science, I would be Isaac Fucking Newton.

Saturday, May 16, 2024

Zine Fest Houston Today @ Caroline Collective

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Today is the Annual Zine Fest Houston hosted by our buddy Shane Boyle. Despite the name, the Zine Fest has evolved into a hodge podge of DIY workshops, independent media publishing, exhibits, and of course local zines. Here how they describe themselves/info:

"Zine Fest Houston is an event dedicated to promoting zines, minicomics and other forms of small press, alternative, underground and diy media & art.

It is also a grassroots attempt to build the local zine, diy and alternative media scenes and form networks with media creators in other areas.

ADMISSION IS ALWAYS FREE and low cost table space is available for zinesters, writers, artists, distros and other individuals and groups involved in the creation, publication distribution or promotion of alternative media and diy.

The festival is a new and different experience every time, offering a diverse new crop of zines and other media projects every year (including many never before seen anywhere else) and other unique sights (such as a live chicken manning one of the exhibitor tables during our first festival)."

Shit starts at 2PM at 4820 Caroline

Thursday, May 14, 2024

Happy Birthday Ramon, Here's Some Shows For You

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This is a relatively blurry picture a drunk JD took while we were on tour. I believe it is a Ramon LP4 Medina art-bot of some sort.

This week's line-up right here.

Willie D of Geto Boys busted on alleged i Phone scam

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Writer of such epic masterpieces as 'Bald Headed Hoes' and 'Play Witcha Mama' has been charged with Wire Fraud for allegedly receiving thousands of dollars via a front company for delivery of bulk i Phones yet not delivering on the promise. So what? The guy promises a few pallettes of cell phones and is late on delivery and you want to lock him up for 20 years?! This is Willie D! Personally, I think Willie D is a local hero and should be given a medal of honor, a key to the city, and a get out of jail free card. Disagree? Then watch the following video..

Wednesday, May 13, 2024

Not too shabby for a Wednesday...

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Elvis Perkins in Dearland/Other Lives/Tody Castillo @ Walter's on Washington
Chase Hamblin, Free Radicals @ Mango's
Letters to Voltron/Las Imagenes Ocultas @ The Mink
The Drama Scene @ Fitzgerald's
Potroast/Moonshine Summit @ Last Concert Cafe
Her Space Holiday/City Light @ Walter's on Washington


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The Minneapolis Star Tribune features an article about a prototype electric guitar that doubles as a Guitar Hero controller. It is not just another guitar-shaped controller with buttons: it is an actual, playable guitar, shown in-action. The startup company, Zivix, LLC, intends to bring the product to store shelves in 2024.

Tuesday, May 12, 2024

Athletic Prophecy: The Rockets win!

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After peering into the all seeing falafel, and then eating it with some tahini and peppers, I have foreshadowed with absolute certainty a glorious victory for the Rockets tonight. If I am wrong, I will shave my head.

Monday, May 11, 2024

Domokos Goodbye Party // Future Blondes // Tense // Dead Roses @ Mango's tonight

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Come tell Domokos what you really think of him one last night before he leaves us to NYC. This archetypal Houston scumfuck has been setting the standard for sleaziness for decades now playing in Rusted Shut, Future Blondes, Tense, and a dozen other bands that delineate their by "//". He leaves us next week and there will be a mighty tribute to this guy tonight at mango's with Furture Blondes // Tense // Dead Roses // and Breathless lending their 'talents'. It's free!

Saturday, May 9, 2024

Sunday: Jandek & MV + EE, at DiverseWorks

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Why is it that I always see this particular picture of Jandek? I mean, he is a rather grizzled old white man who looks like the cosmic spatula has grilled and grizzled him. I wish people only remembered a youthful, thin me. Either way, he plays at Diverse Works Sunday. Blue-eyed funk anyone?

Doors at 6
Starts at 7
12 bux

Friday, May 8, 2024

Tonight is nice all over.

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Again, Space City Rock slays all other calendars.

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth/Fat Tony/Marry Me @ Mango's
American Fangs/Dremnt The End/Fat Tony/The 71's/A Dream Asleep/Female Demand @ Fitzdown
The Umoja Orchestra/Free Radicals/The Grass Skirts @ Super Happy Fun Land
The Flamin' Hellcats @ Rudyard's
The Factory Party/Black Black Gold/Springfield Riots/Ceeplus Bad Knives/Glasnost/Mr. Castillo @ The Mink (9PM; free!)
Dr. Know/The Chop Tops/Roots of Exile/The Ghost Storys @ Walter's on Washington
The Manichean @ Cafe Brasil (10PM-12AM)
Opposite Day/Full Service/Three Fantastic @ Dean's Credit Clothing

Thursday, May 7, 2024

Boldly go ...

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The original Star Trek series was hardly known for its realism what with its palette of primary colors and fakey aliens. In the same way that music lovers can be Beatles people or Elvis people likewise sci-fi fans can be divided into Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans. The new Star Trek aims to skew all audiences regardless of their previous allegiance. The true movie space opera trilogy would be Star Trek II through IV. Wrath of Khan ends with Spock dead and in Search for Spock the story picks up that thread, and then at the conclusion of III we end on a note that segues right into Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (my personal favorite of the ST films). It would be foolish to think that Paramount (continued)

Wednesday, May 6, 2024

If you have ever wished to witness the darkest, most visceral images of war, then go see Javiere De Villota:DeHumanization Echo at the Station Museum

posted by Free Press Houston @ 1:17 PM

The Station Museum has always nudged the boundaries of what is 'kosher'. But showing now is an exhibit that tests the limits of one's stomach and wherewithal by bludgeoning the most dark and abhorrent images into your mind. Houstonian Javiere De Villota's Dehumanization Echo drives home the fact that our narratives of war and suffering are starving for images and depictions to cling to. We hear 1 million Iraqis have died but we have no way to internailze it. Take a step into the Station Museum befroe this gruemsome show ends and you will be on your way. The exhibit features all hand made cadavers, war scenes, dead animals, and split open abdominal regions which were ostensibly bombed, brutalized, shot, and such. Not for the kiddos obviously. Villota's work has been paired with Height's phenom Jesse Lott whose voodoo-esque wire configurations wear permamnent hard-ons and display gem -ike internal organs. Does that explain it to you? Yeah I know, just go see for yourself.

Through May 17, 2024
The Station Museum of Contemporary Art is located on the corner of Alabama and La Branch. Open Wed – Sun, 11am – 6pm. Admission is always free.

Black Joe Lewis @ Cactus Records today !

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Black Joe Lewis plays Cactus Records for an in-store today at 5:30PM. The bands horns-a-blazin' funk-soaked sound brings both James Brown and Howlin' Wolf to mind, but without that air-conditioned-white-boy nostalgia. With a great record in tow and free St. Arnolds beer on tap, this is sure to be a clutch time indeeeeed.

Another week another doldrum.

posted by april5k @ 9:32 AM

All the hits-to-be behind this link.

Monday, May 4, 2024

Did you go to Numbers in the early days? Then you need to talk to the Shu.

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 2:04 PM

Dansparc's Shu Latif (right) is beginning work on a documentary about #'s and sent us this little public notice. We think it's a pretty cool idea so we're just posting what she sent us.

"Did you used to go to #s/Babylon/Million Dollar City Dump?

I'm looking for people who used to go to #s, especially in the early days. I am working on a documentary and would like to interview you. Even if you don't want to be interviewed, if you have any pictures or video/film footage from those times, I would really love the help!


Shu Latif
AKA Shoe

You can contact Shu at slatif (at)


Interview: Rick Lowe of Project Row Houses

posted by Free Press Houston @ 1:28 PM

By Omar Afra

Most artists could only wish for their work to have a transformative effect on their community. Their effect is ultimately bound by the respective work they do. But creator of Project Row Houses Rick Lowe's work is transforming his neighborhood. Since 1991, Lowe has both renewed and beautified Houston's 3rd Ward with his imaginative restorations, creative social programs (for lack of better description), and injection of artistic spirit into a community that sorely needs it. By adopting properties, organizing creative programs for kids, and generally giving people the tools to be creative in their community, the 40 something envelope-pusher has left an indelible mark on the 3rd Ward. One program, the Young Mothers Residential Program, has offered free housing to single mothers while in college since 1996. We had the pleasure to interview him and take a peek into his remarkably young looking head. Thanks Rick.


Interview: Robert Ellis

posted by Free Press Houston @ 9:12 AM

By Omar Afra

Robert Ellis is one of those rare confluences of amazing songwriting coupled with masterful musicianship. I know, I am already blowing smoke up this kids ass. But deservedly so. Ellis writes songs you remember, melodies that make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and does it all with shred-tastic guitar playing. His new album Rearranger is littered with Americana love songs and haunting odes to Houston. More importantly, he is the sexiest local musician in town. With long flowing hair, bedroom eyes, and chiseled jaw, Ellis is a heartbreaker. If I only had a vagina.


Sunday, May 3, 2024

Every Way but the Right Way___No Zoning: Artists Engage Houston

posted by Free Press Houston @ 2:29 PM

Opening Friday, May 8, 7–10 pm
On view May 9 through October 4, 2024

It’s a mess out there, and nothing demonstrates the relentless and grinding change and upheaval in Houston every few years than the fate of the Human Tour. Land Art in an urban setting, Michael Galbreth’s Human Tour, 1987, mapped the inner city of Houston, marking limbs with bronze plaques from Frost Town in the 5th Ward through downtown south to the Astrodome. His attempted anthropomorphization of the city streets was an attempt to reach the public in a new way. At first the dozens of markers spelled a clear path through the city’s core, but the city’s relentless growth has overgrown the map drawn onto it. Streets have changed; plaques were removed by construction workers and vandals. A few markers remain, giving curious pedestrians strange proclamations, like “You Are at the Right Hand of The City” along with directions to seek Human Tour maps at your local library. Today Galbreth’s project is a relic, a ruin only two decades after its creation.

READ ON>>>>>>

Saturday, May 2, 2024

And You Will Know Me By These Songs…

posted by Free Press Houston @ 7:23 AM

by Brigitte B. Zabak

Not much good comes from my ever-growing obsession with Facebook. The amount of time I spend on this one little social networking site could obviously be put towards more productive endeavors, but, hey, a girl has to lose herself in mindless self indulgences to stay sane, right?

Every now and then, though, someone will post a blog-like entry that sparks my attention and gets discussion going about a number of topics that I find personally relevant to my interests. The main topic being music - obviously. A few days ago, a good friend of mine posted a list of his top 100 favorite songs of all time; an idea that was inspired by a good friend of his.

While I recognize that top anything lists are not a novel concept, something about sitting down and really thinking about 100 songs that I loved and still love over the last three decades of my life (holy shit!) seemed like a undertaking that was absolutely necessary to accomplish. It also dawned on me that I’ve never really made a list of anything that was this in-depth and required so much of my memory, time and energy. Making a top 100 list of your favorite songs might seem like an easy thing to do, but it was honestly one of the most emotional and inspiring tasks I’ve ever pushed myself to complete.

Making this list opened the flood gates to my memory – to songs that reminded me of experiences I hoped to forget and experiences that would never have been the same without that song as the soundtrack. It made me realize that the quality of a song doesn’t always factor in when you make a decision to love it so much that it stays with you forever. Music can shape your recollection of the past and stand firmly in your history. That’s probably why it hurt so much to leave so many great songs behind as I finalized this list.

So, in the spirit of equal parts bravery and narcissism, I am including the first half of the list I made for your reading pleasure. To some people, sharing their writing, their artwork or their poetry is deeply personal and meaningful. For me, showing the world, or…okay…the small subculture of Houstonians who read this paper, the songs that stir my soul and shaped a large part of who I am today, is just as daunting.

And even though it is a tad bit overwhelming to have a part of me out there in black and white for people to point and laugh at, it is also an opportunity for us to learn about one another, about music both new and old and about the inevitable intermingling of sight and sound.

Now comment and tell us your favorites!

The Top 50 of My Top 100 List…

1.Jeff Buckley - "Lover, You Should've Come Over"
2. The Smiths – “Oscillate Wildly”
3. Lush – “Tiny Smiles”
4. The Lemonheads – “Rest Assured”
5. The Charlatans – “Can’t Even Be Bothered”
6. The Motorhomes – “Into the Night”
7. Morrissey – “Suedehead”
8. Radiohead – “Optimistic”
9. Mogwai – “Punk Rock”
10. Mumford & Sons – “Roll Away Your Stone”
11. Rilo Kiley – “Paint’s Peeling”
12. Doves – “Words”
13. The Smiths – “Unhappy Birthday”
14. Catherine Wheel – “Ferment”
15. The Verve – “No Come Down”
16. Sonic Youth – “Drunken Butterfly”
17. Oasis – “Slide Away”
18. The Sundays – “Can’t Be Sure”
19. Azure Ray – “Displaced”
20. Bonnie “Prince” Billy – “Ain't You Wealthy, Ain't You Wise?”
21. Iron & Wine – “House By The Sea”
22. Ghostland Observatory – “Silver City”
23. Freedy Johnston – “Bad Reputation”
24. R.E.M. – “These Days”
25. PJ Harvey – “Man Size”
26. Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians – “Air of December”
27. The Moody Blues – “Nights In White Satin”
28. Bob Seger – “Turn the Page”
29. The Beatles - "Strawberry Fields Forever"
30. The Police – “So Lonely”
31. Cracker – “Low”
32. Death Cab for Cutie – “We Laugh Indoors”
33. Red Hot Chili Peppers – “If You Have To Ask”
34. Toni Basil – “Hey, Mickey”
35. Maxwell – “Ascension”
36. The Roots/Erykah Badu – “You Got Me”
37. Elliot Smith – “Waltz #2”
38. Badly Drawn Boy – “Another Pearl”
39. Ride – “Making Judy Smile”
40. The Dandy Warhols – “ Get Off”
41. Buddy Holly – “Maybe Baby”
42. A Tribe Called Quest – “Award Tour”
43. De La Soul – “Me, Myself & I”
44. Elbow – “Red”
45. Super Furry Animals – “Fire In My Heart”
46. Muse – “Time Is Running Out”
47. The Flaming Lips – “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”
48. Depeche Mode – “Sweetest Perfection”
49. Herman’s Hermits – "I'm Henery the Eighth, I Am"
50. The Cure – “Fascination Street”

Friday, May 1, 2024

Tonight @ Sound Exchange; Hearts of Animals & Wols

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 8:40 AM

It's going to be a pretty sweet show with two great bands plus - Luddites unite - it's a dual cassette release! Honestly. the main reason I wanted to plug the show because the poster rules! :P See you guys at sound ex. I think it starts at about 8PM or so.