In the aftermath of the disgusting display of hate in Virginia last week, I started to wonder how much of this kind of hate is still percolating around in the music industry. While most of the bands tied to hate in this world are on the fringe, it still made me start to look for what’s out there. If you were unaware, there’s plenty of racist garbage in the music industry. There’s actually all kinds of “interesting” people in the music industry, but when you start to look at who you use as your paid or free streaming service, you realize that there’s plenty of racist hate fueled “music” on many of these sites. After seeing an article in Digital Music News about how there are over thirty-five racist bands on Spotify, I decided to look at Google Play, the music streaming site that I use. What I found was alarming to the point where I felt like it’s time for a call to action. We need to demand that Google, one of our nation’s largest companies, remove this hateful content from their sites. While I know Youtube has become a massive headache that’s difficult for Google to control piracy on, surely they can remove all of this trash from their music service. It should be noted, however, that Youtube is filled with more racism and white power music than pretty much anywhere else on the web. Below, we’ll examine some of what we found. Most of what follows should be removed for its hate speech, if nothing else.

The first band I found was Endless Pride, a Swedish band that makes pretty terrible music. Their last album was called Decade of Pride, and includes songs that are full of “white pride” anthems. The group is defined as falling into the RAC or “Rock Against Communism” genre of music. (Nazi’s often refer to their enemies as Communists.)

The second I found was No Remorse, a well-known British neo-Nazi band that has a history of putting out racist music. I can’t even begin to tell you how disgusted I was to see their song titles like “I’m A Racist,” “One Day The J Will Fall,” and much more garbage. Their last release on the Google Play site was 18 Was Right from 2024.

Known racist RAC group, Skullhead, is also on the site. Their 1986 album, White Warrior, has often been considered to be a white power album, though the group has been inactive for years.  


The following bands are on the site as well:


Condemned 84

4 Skins

Last Resort




Blood Red Eagle


Ken McLellan & B. Attack (singer of Nazi group Brutal Attack)

Freikorps & Brutal Attack


Ravens Wing

White Knuckle Driver


Dark Fury


Tattooed Mother Fuckers

Ian Stuart

Ian Stuart & Stigger

Legion of St George


The Blackshirts

No Quarter


Arresting Officers

White Diamond




Ken & Stigger

Ultima Thule


Vit Legion


The following have been listed by white power sites as white power bands. (This took the disgusting task of having to read the comments by users on why such bands were so adored, which was a terrible task to endure on its own.)




7er Jungs

180 Grad



American Standard H.C.







Agitator & The Agitator

Another Man’s Poison


Boots & Braces




Beck’s Pistols

Evil Skins

Volund Smed

White Noise


This was about all we found with the knowledge we had in hand. No matter how you slice it, this is a pretty alarming list of hate-fueled music — sixty bands adorned or associated with the White Power movement. The question isn’t why are bands, especially those with heavy ties to white power, on the site. The question is, will Google stand up and remove them all?