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Saturday , July 27 2024
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The Revisionaries Showing at 14 Pews


“Dinosaurs were on the arc! That’s what I would teach.” The head of the Texas State Board of Education meant this, quite seriously.The Revisionaries is a documentary or inadvertent comedy/horror movie about the rewriting of Texas textbooks and the conflicts between liberal and conservative board members.

The political and social implications of the board’s decisions are why this movie is so scary and why we as a nation need to be more conscious of the influences on our nation’s youth.  What better way to shape the minds and direction of our country than to dictate what they are taught is the truth from age 5 to 18.  The decisions of the 2024 Texas Board of Education pretty much decide what most of the country will be learning for the next 10 years. Since Texas and California are two of the largest textbook purchasers in the US, whatever these states choose, the rest of the country follows.

For those of us who believe in a clear line between church and state, it would be hard to view the conflicts of board from the creationist chairman’s standpoint. Yet filmmaker Scott Thurman spends considerable time getting to understand the viewpoint of the conservative, creationist, chairman Don McLeroy.  Thurman describes McLeroy as, “[an] outspoken creationist on a mission to convince the public and next generation of students that evolution is not sound science and that America is exceptional in part because it was founded on Christian principles.” McLeroy makes such arguments as, “Somebody’s got to stand up to experts!” and other hilarious Christard crazy bullshit. The film also portrays the losing fight of those damn liberals on the Education Board, doing things like trying to keep science books scientific, and history balanced and accurate. Depressing.

The Revisionaries was the winner of the Special Jury Award at the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival. 14 Pews, on 800 Aurora Street, will be showing the film Saturday, December 22nd at 5 pm. Tickets cost $11 or are free for members.

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