Genesis Blu. Photo: Jordan Asinas

Houston’s hip hop scene has always been one full of kings, and until now you could say that this city was in need of a queen to sit atop the genre. We’ve had plenty of queens come and go, but one who will stick around is definitely something this city needs. However, on her new track “Local Love,” Houston’s Genesis Blu proves real quick that she is the much deserved queen that this city has been longing for. Featuring Shonnie Murrell, Blu drops love for those who came before her while rapping over a beat that’s as catchy as it hits hard, proving why she could easily reign Houston’s hip hop scene sooner than later. Found exclusively here, the song showcases how strong Blu is on a mic while keeping things close to the chest on a track you’ll want to hear again and again.

The song, found on Blu’s upcoming EP Blumming Season due out on May 5, is definitely a banger. Complete with a catchy beat and a hook you can’t deny, the song could easily become a summertime jam played for years to come. The old school vibe of the backing track while the bass drops like it’s meant to thump from the back of a Cutlass while Murrell and Blu add their catchy vocals in the first verse, only made stronger by the backing vocals of the chorus. Murrell’s signature voice only adds a depth in the chorus, while Blu spits like smooth silk as she’s known for. The hook reminds you of your favorite hip hop songs from past years, but never sounds dated or out of touch. The whole track clocks in at a bit over three minutes, but it’s so slick and the song is so smooth that you should find yourself listening to it on repeat.

You can grab the single or stream it on all platforms when it drops this Friday, March 31. Until then you jam this track and look forward to the EP out May 5, while you start thinking of how you’d like to have Genesis Blu serve as the next queen of Houston hip hop. Because with tracks like this, she could easily take over the whole city, and the rest of the country as well.