Sept. 17, 2024

Welcome to the FPH Weekly Newsletter Demo

Every week, FPH sends out a newsletter to our list of 100k subscribers featuring a top article in this slot followed by a select lineup of ads featuring local events, businesses, opportunities, and other promotions.

In this newsletter you will see a two types of ads including:

Top 'leaderboard' space-- see the Fun Fun Fun Fest banner at the top. And sure it's can be animated GIF! But it's the only newsletter slot available for animated action.

Inclusion ad space-- see the ads following below this slot, which will normally feature a recently published article.

Each ad graphic below is linked to a clickable URL that viewers can follow for more information about the promotion.

So now that you know what our Weekly Newsletters look like and contain, check out the Dedicated Newsletter option that features your promo ad and copy on its own.

View a past FPH Dedicated Newsletter.

Visit our Advertising Info page.







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