Sunday, September 2, 2007

Smoking Ban: Bueno or No-Bueno?

Well, the smoking ban has taken effect and the benefits and detriments are slowly coming to the surface. Sure, second hand smoke is deadly, but who wants to know what the Proletariat really smells like without the concealing aroma of cigs? Also, all of the pre-ban old smoke is soon to ferment and morph into that old grandma smell. Bars without patios are screwed. Boondocks just built one in the last few days. Rudz patio is full to the brim. Houstonist has done a great job breaking down the pros and cons in their new Houstonist vs Houstonist feature. Check that shit out.


At September 2, 2007 3:42 PM , Donald said...

This smoking ban just plain sucks. You gotta look at it in the context of being just another draconian law amongst the rest of our civil liberties being stripped. What ever happened to personal responsibility i.e. people not choosing to patronize or work at a place that allows smoking?


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