Thursday, September 6, 2007

YouTube and MySpaceTV

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YouTube and MySpaceTV both offer cutting edge videos, and oft times one offers videos not found on the other site (at least not immediately). Sure you can find cat scratching DJs on both sites, but YouTube excels at classic clips while MySpaceTV offers up current affairs.

A recent search on YouTube for the song Me and My Uncle turned up several choices including at least three by the Grateful Dead: one performance at the Fillmore from February 1970 included a wide shot showing live psychedelic designs on a screen behind the band; the Winterland 1978 version had excellent sound; and a May 1984 clip from Hult Center in Eugene Oregon showed the Dead finding unique twists in the song a decade later.

Check it out.

By contrast MySpaceTV rises early to broadcast a daily list of happening events. Case in point is George Romero's Diary of the Dead, currently unwinding at the Toronto Film Festival. Curiously Diary of the Dead is also the title to a rare 1980 documentary about Romero and his zombie films. Other cool new videos on MySpaceTV included a child break dancing, and yes, a kitty cat scratching like a pro DJ.

Check dis'.


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