Friday, May 16, 2024

The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of May 16th 2024

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Friday, May 16 -
Papermoons / Bright Men of Learning / Ninja Gun / The Wild Moccasins
@ The Mink

First off, congrats to BMOL's Marshall and his lovely bride Jordan on tying the knot last week. Woohoo! As if to celebrate their nuptials this week, we have an enviable local line-up tonight. Papermoons (who we will feature in July) put out a great 7" last year and by the sounds of it, they will likely be ready blow everyone away with their upcoming full length. Add to that a rare BMOL performances (making this a must) and that's two bands with rootsy songs, impeccable musicianship, excellent vocals, and sharp as nails songcraft - what the fuck is with that?!!! The Wild Moccasins ain't no penny ante neither. John Sears's Gray Ghost will be featuring them and with good reason - their shows are energetic crowd-pleasing love fests. I only hope that their upcoming album can capture that. Now, I know what you are saying, "What about this touring band Ninja Gun?" Let's see Papermoons, Bright Men of Learning, and the Wild Moccasins....Hmm...I believe the answer is who gives a rat's ass? I mean they might be good but the locals are already overkill as it is. See you there!


Friday, May 16 -

Fired for Walking / Mr. Gnome / Treehouse Project
@ Rudyard's
Fired For Walking play music like the last 17 or so years didn't matter - it's 1991, grunge has yet to be a dirty word, and Soundgarden and Nirvana are still on indie labels. You can either ride shotgun with their souped-up rock or take the Metro.

The Reverend Horton Heat / Nashville Pussy / Backyard Tire Fire
@ The Meridian
Our good colleagues over at the Houston Press always put on a nice party each year with their HPMA showcase. Local bands and their fans have a great time every year and the local bands get sauced at the Rice hotel. Great event but each year we have to ask the same question. If this is a party to announce the nominees and the forthcoming day for the HPMA showcase is about Houston music why would I care about seeing these national acts? Really, I'm asking sincerely.

Peabo Bryson
@ Stafford Centre (Stafford)

Admit it, you wish you had a name as cool as Peabo!

Saturday, May 17 -

@ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (sold out)
What part of sold-out don't you understand!

ERASEtheVIRUS / Come See My Dead Person / Deus Machina
@ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Mandolins, violin, banjo, and vocals that sound like Tom Waits captured by rambunctious drunken Gypsies well er... or something like that. Come See My Dead Person is about the only band that can come close to the kind of manic energy of the Sideshow Tramps which is saying a lot.

Sunday, May 18 -

Straight Jacket Nation / Iron Lung / Hatred Surge / El Desmadre
@ The White Swan
Oh Hardcore I love you. Let's see. El Desmadre and Iron Lung make no mention of the show but Australia's Straight Jacket Nation and Austin's Hatred Surge do. Is it happening or is it not? Are bands not mentioning it because they are playing Choas in Tejas in Austin this week as well? Who knows, who cares, this is hardcore just go down and take your chances - don't be a wuss.

Spain Colored Orange / Program / The Factory Party / DJ Ceeplus
@ Lucky's Pub (1801 St. Emanuel; free, 18+)

Spain Coloured Orange are proud to announce that they are working "with producer Bill Racine (Mates Of State, Rogue Wave, Flaming Lips, Mogwai, Whirlwind Heat, Sparklehorse)." Cool, it's late and I'm tired! I love cut and paste when it's this late at night.

Monday, May 19 -

Inner Lights/!alarma! @ Boondocks
Yuss! Alarma is playing. Do I have to say anything else? OK They fucking rule! :)

Tuesday, May 20 -

Indian Jewelry (record release)
@ Sound Exchange (8PM)
Damn I'm gonna miss this. Indian Jewelry will be coming right off of their tour and their second album this year "We Are free". Damn those fuckers I just bought "We are the Wild Beast" two weeks ago! Who do they think they are? Guided By Voices?

The Police / Elvis Costello and the Impostors
@ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Remember in Terry Gillian's The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen where Sting appears for 15 seconds and is ordered killed? I love that scene. At least Elvis isn't just peddling nostalgia and even if you are like me and you think that nothing can quite match his work with the Attractions, ya gotta give the man his props for sticking to his guns and not compromising.

Wednesday, May 21 -

Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
@ The Continental Club
If by Damn Big you mean a washboard, drums and a guitar....well I'm not buyin' but if you mean some damn big energetic blues we'll I'll meet you more than halfway. Rev. Payton's vocals may be merely serviceable but the instrumentation is excellent and carries these cats' take on old timey music.


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