Monday, April 20, 2024

Free Cone Day

What's better than cheap? FREE. Especially if it involves Ben & Jerry's, America's favorite tree-hugging, social activist ice cream company.

Tomorrow, April 21st Ben & Jerry's celebrates its 31st birthday by giving away a free ice cream cone to all of its customers who walk into a Scoop Shop from noon to 8 pm.

Try one of their new flavors such as Mission to Marzipan (sweet cream with almond cookies & a marzipan swirl), Orange & Cream (orange sorbet swirled with vanilla ice cream), or Triple Caramel Chunk (caramel ice cream with a swirl of caramel & fudge covered caramel chunks). Or pick an oldie-but-goodie such as Cherry Garcia or my personal fave, Chunky Monkey.

Stop by one of these Houston-area Scoop Shops for your sweet treat.

Kirby - 5515 Kirby Drive
Champions - 5602 FM 1960 West
Sugar Land Town Square - 16155 City Walk

- Jenny Wang of



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