Wednesday, October 7, 2024

Mills-McCoin: In Search of... Nashville's Redemption Song

posted by Mills-McCoin @ 4:38 PM

Honky Tonks, cigarette smoke, pork BBQ, bourbon vs. whiskey, the Grand Ole Opry, country music... The staples of a culture I once called my own- The Dirty South.
Two cohorts (Taylor Lee & Attorney Storey) and I are in Music City, USA; Nashvegas;- Nashville, Tennessee. She's a home away from home for me, so the behavior in store is not good.

You'll find the rest of the story on the Sportsdesk.


At October 8, 2024 2:01 AM , Anonymous Timothy Tuxedo said...

I fucking love you.. Why do you have to be such a stand-up dude? Learn my awry.. Does that make sense? Hm..

Suck it.


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