Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January at a Glance

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January often gets used as a dumping ground for theatrical release, although every year brings big money hits from unknown places (think 09's Paul Blart and the actioner Taken). In wide release during January are the following films.
January 8 offers the vampire thriller Daybreakers, the romcom Leap Year, and Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt. Daybreakers has an interesting cast and brother directors, Leap Year has Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, and Cera gets by on his good looks just like in every film he's been in since Superbad.
January 15 brings The Book of Eli and The Spy Next Door the latter being a Jackie Chan family comedy and the former offering the best hope of a film this month with its combo post-apocalypic theme and Hughes Brothers direction. The Lovely Bones goes wide with engagements in Houston.
January 22 has Extraordinary Measures (Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser both researching for a cure for Fraser's son), which should be noted as being the first release from new entity CBS Films; Legion, an R-rated supernatural thriller and one in which Paul Bettany makes the first of many 2010 horrific appearances; and Disney kidflick Tooth Fairy.
January 29 finishes things out with Mel Gibson returning to genre acting mode in Edge of Darkness and Kristen Bell romcom When in Rome. As always there are the films already playing, films that never get released and are only available through your friend's roommate's DVD collection, and one or two week slots with singular films - like The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, The White Ribbon, La Danse - playing in exclusiveness.


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