Since Hurricane Harvey hit Houston on Aug. 25, it’s definitely taken its toll on pretty much anyone and everyone in its wake. As we get up and roll up our sleeves to help those who’ve been affected by Harvey, we should remember that there are plenty of artists who make up our population here, and many of them now can receive aid through The Recording Academy’s charitable arm, MusiCares. You may not know much about the programs offered by the charity group, but in this time of need every little bit helps.

Founded in 1989 and incorporated in 1993, MusiCares has provided an avenue for musicians to turn to in times of need. Whether it be for medical, financial, or even personal crisis, MusiCares has helped tons of artists when they needed it most. The group has programs for addiction recovery, outreach and leadership activities, senior housing, and in this case, emergency financial assistance. They’ve even acquired the group, Musicians Assistance Program, and since 2024 have offered the Stevie Ray Vaughn award to musicians who help in the recovery of other addicts who are struggling in the recovery process.  

For musicians affected by Hurricane Harvey, a relief fund has been set up to provide coverage of basic living expenses such as housing, food, clothing, instrument replacement, debris removal, relocation and more. Anyone can donate to the fund by clicking here and choosing Hurricane Relief in the gift donation drop down menu. If you are a musician who has been affected by Harvey, you can call 877-626-2748. You can also fill out this application located here and mail it to the address found on the form. As noted, there are some rules to being eligible for funds, including having proof of at least five years employment in the music industry, six commercially released singles, and at least six commercially or promotionally released videos. There’s no word on whether or not these rules can be bent, but that may be something you can discuss with them by phone. Items such as a detailed resume or discography as well as articles and letter from employers that detail your background in the industry are also helpful.

You can also visit for more information, as well as call 615-327-0050. You can also fax your application for relief to 615-327-0876.