Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who is Alan Tudyk?

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In the last week I some films that I thought were so bad they make SOUL PLANE look like a four star comedy: I am talking about Balls of Fury, Death Sentence and Shoot Em Up. You've been warned. But the question for today is who is Alan Tudyk and where has he been hiding? Tudyk plays supporting parts in two current films (3:10 to Yuma and Death At A Funeral) and was also in the smash comedy Knocked Up.

For Knocked Up Tudyk plays Katherine Heigl's boss at E! TV. Remember, Tudyk's assistant tells Heigl, this is Hollywood, we don't like liars. It's a small bit but Tudyk plays smarmy well especially when he wants Heigl to exploit her own sense of motherhood by doing red carpet interviews with stars who are pregnant.

In 3:10 to Yuma, Tudyk plays a doctor who removes a bullet from Peter Fonda's stomach in a rather bloody and gut wretching scene. As Fonda looks around the office all he notices are drawings of animals. What kind of doctor are you he demands. Tudyk's subtly comic answer: Let's just say it's good to finally be able to talk to one of my patients.

Tudyk has a penchant for mild sarcasm but with the look of an everyday guy who knows more than he takes credit for; he dresses conservative but radiates coolness. In Death At A Funeral, a sort of wacky American style raunchy comedy but set in the middle of a proper British wake, Tudyk has what may be the best part of the talented ensemble. Tudyk plays the fiance of a lass from a starched background, but whether her parents approve of him is besides the point. His character accidentally (isn't that always the case) ingested some hallucinogenic pills and in the middle of the minister's oration he starts to trip his balls off, promptly strips naked and climbs on the roof. Tudyk stands out in all the films just mentioned, while not quite stealing the thunder from the actual story. Next time I see him on the screen though, I know who he is.


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