Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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Place this one on the list of films to see. Not because it's film of the year. Not because it pushes PG-13 boundaries past any previous line of demarcation. See it in 3-D IMAX because that's the state of the art in current cinema projection.Directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by no less a team than Neil Gaiman and Roger Avary this version of Beowulf changes things in a manner that won't offset fans of medieval literature. Of course it would be hard to imagine that said fans are constant movie goers.Specifically there's a flying fire breathing dragon not in the original and, as one expert in the preview audience pointed out, ramparts in this era were made of wood, not of stone. There's a few other things but really who's a stickler for realism when we're watching a CGI movie that animates well known actors using motion control technology.You won't see Angelina Jolie this provocative even in an R rated film. Malkovich is wonderfully snide and Crispin Grover (not easy to recognize like the other actors) will give younger viewers nightmares. So see this film - not because it's great, but because of what it portends for the future of movie making.


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