Thursday, November 15, 2023

Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - November 15th Edition

-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-


I had a show this weekend that kicked ass but being directly involved makes for a conflict of interest. This is not the place for me to hype any show in which I'm involved. And dude I can't believe I forgot to hype the Evens show at Notsuoh last night. WEAK! Let's just move on.

This Week's Spotlight - Sound Exchange (Friday & Saturday)

Friday November 16
Iron Lung, Agents of Abhorrence, Insect Warfare
@ Sound Exchange
(8PM; free)
Oh man, is your head on your shoulders right now? Well, after this show, expect it to be nothing but a bloody heap as this lineup will utterly make your head explode. Local bad-asses Insect Warfare put out one of the best, loudest, fastest, and most crushing albums to have been released in the US in 2023. If you don't have a turntable, it's your loss [get with the times CDs are for posers and Vinyl will outlive those overpriced coasters]. If that isn't enough, Seattle's Iron lung and Australia's Agents of Abhorrence will be also playing. Expect the small record store to be packed, sweaty, and loud. Best of all it's free!!!! Be there or forever be branded a poser. It's free but you'd get some love if you donate some cash when they pass the hat.

*Saturday November 17
Unguarded Moments: Photos from the golden Age of Punk Rock
by Theresa K.
with LAWS, Sporatics, and Welfare Mothers (debut)
(7PM; free)

Wow, is Sound Ex turning into a venue? Well, you'd almost think it given this second evening of music. First off, this is an travelling exhibit by legendary photographer Theresa K. who photographed many an iconic image of the early LA punk rock scene. And keeping it punk rock, she will be selling prints cheap where anyone can afford them. Bonus for us is she's going to do our photo shoot for December's Hearts of Animals feature! (SCORE!) If that's not enough there's live music: the Will Boone fronted LAWS has proven to be one of the most insane acts around, the Sporatics always kick out some fun spastic shows, and fans of Sugar Shack will be as thrilled as I that Welfare Mothers features the return of Kyle Gionis (sp?) on guitar! Goddamn and it's free? Yeah, it's free too but, again, you'd get some love if you donate some cash when they pass the hat. Be there!

Also this Week

Sat., November 17 -
Bowel, The Dead See, Rustler
@ Walter's on Washington
Heavy stuff going down at Walters. Bowel's bassist alone should crush you. Have you seen his rig? It's huge - even Paul Bunyan would look tiny in front of it. Bad ass I say! Rustler (featured last week) as you know kicks it heavy, proggy and metal and always put on a good show. Don't know much about Lubbock's Dead See but sure why no, eh?

*Sun., November 18
The Mathletes, !Alarma!, Giant Princess
@ Dean's Credit Clothing (free)
Hot Damn. The Mathletes just put on a great show where they were so awesome that one audience member left the club at 2 a.m. so pumped up that she drove to Galveston in happy road trip mode. That is how great the Mathletes are!!!! Alarma makes sloppy classy and put on a fun show! I don't know diddly about Giant Princess but, sure, I'm there! Holmes, it's free!!!!

Sun., November 18
The Dwarves, 13th Victim, Whorehound
@ Rudyard's
Yeah yeah, we featured Whorehound last week but hey they kick-it good! Plus, there is this band called the Dwarves - you may have heard of them.

Tues., November 20 -
Circle Takes The Square, Faithealer, By the End of Tonight, B.
@ Walter's on Washington
By The End Of Tonight put on a crazy over-the-top show where after a while you just lose track of how many riff they just threw your way. B. is a little more restrained but their precise and expert proggy style is really worth a showing up early for. I plead ignorance on the other bands.

Wed., November 21 -
Turbojugend Humpday featuring Born Liars, Welfare Mothers, The Monocles, & Black Black Gold
@ Rudyard's
If you sucked and missed the Welfare Mother's debut here's your second chance! With the Monacles and Born Liars, Rudyard's bring-on the garage rock in style; there is no way this show cannot be on your to-do list.

Fri., November 16 -
My Milky Way Arms, Stove Blow, Seraphim, Wood & Felt
@ Super Happy Fun Land
This is the wildcard for the week. My Milky Way Arms seem to have some amusing potential and they describe their sound as jellyfish swimming in milk - yeah I can see that. Opener Wood and Felt's spacey layers of sound also look promising. Isn't this why we love Super Happy? It's the place to try something new.


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