Sunday, December 23, 2024

Fek yes! Super Happy Fun Land confirms lease on new location on Polk St. in warehouse district

Clutch indeed! Super Happy Fun Land is currently renovating their amazing new location at 3801 Polk Street that is a whopping 7500 square feet and has enough parking space to fit 60 cars. The huge new spot is far enough from disturb-able residents yet close enough to not make it a trek as it is just a few blocks from the Meridian and Warehouse Live. Congratulations to the fine folks at SHFL. We look forward to many more years of underground entertainment at the new location. What a dandy Christmas gift!


At December 23, 2024 9:07 PM , Blogger Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Zoinks! Two blocks south of there at Palmer and Leeland is the site of the old Southmore House II. It was eventually run out by noise complaints by neighbors. That's a bit worrisome to me but maybe the extra two blocks will be enough of a barrier between SHFL and those townhomes to result in a much super happier fate.

At December 26, 2024 9:21 AM , Blogger Free Press Houston said...

Not a prob. I made it down to the new SHFL day before yesterday where the walls are 3 feet of concrete and there is only one house more than 70 yards away. Even funnier, the venue and the adjacent house sit just about directly on the railroad tracks. Which brings to mind the possibility of creating a municipal grandfather clause that protects railroad or any other business creating 100 decibels or more from ticketing in regard to new neighbors moving in. Simplified: If you move next to a train track, you can't expect to make noise complaints. Same with live music.


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