Sunday, December 16, 2024

Wols and Mlee Marie at the Proletariat last night - This is as good as it gets.

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 6:31 AM

If there was any place you should have been last night it was the Proletariat. While the Wiggins and Wolf Explosions put on great sets , the earth really shook during the sets by Mlee Marie (Mlee Suprean of Hearts of Animals) and Wols (Headed by Amye McCarther with the more than able support of Mlee Suprean, Will Adams, and Abe of Hungry Villagers). The interplay between the players in Wols was the most expressive I have seen since Jason Bill era Charalambides and I simply loved how, within seconds of the start of Mlee's set, the chatter and noise from the audience dropped to near nothing. I'll go into the show in more detail for my Thursday recap but let me just say that Mlee and Amye just took every single performance I've seen this year and made them irrelevant. These two women simply ignore all the tired tropes we so often see and simply leave us with music and its raw emotions. There is simply no more important music happening in Houston.


Mlee Marie


At December 17, 2024 8:44 AM , Blogger ms. rosa said...

that lighting is genius. it couldn't have done anything but add to the mood. just lovely.


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