Monday, March 10, 2024

Montrose Blvd Blues: Springtime in the Trose'

posted by Free Press Houston @ 8:08 AM

Craig Kinsey of the Sideshow Tramps, affectionately known as 'Reverand', has inadvertently recorded the National Anthem of the Montrose. I had the pleasure to hear this song played on the streets more than 8 months ago and am delighted to hear it finally put to tape. This ode to all things 'Trose', is a comprehensive view of the clutch-ness that is Montrose in the spring-time. From thrift store girls to art-cars, everyone gets their fair due and Reverand wraps it all in laid back melody only befitting our fair city. Check that shit, add it to your myspace page, and hopefully, it will be compulsory for every child in this neighborhood to learn it by age 3. God Bless the Trose'.


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