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Spot The Local Music Crumudgeon - Feb 28 2024

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The shit going down last week was most assuredly our 5th anniversary party. I came in during The Sideshow Tramps' set which was incredible. Live, when they get their hillbilly shit on, the Sideshow Tramps are one of the best bands you could ever imagine seeing. Ever had a party that felt could never end and the beer would flow endlessly? That pretty much sums up their set at Super Happy last Saturday. Well, except that the party did end in the form of the Fire Marshall.

Yup after about 20 minutes of awesomeness, the band announced quite matter-of-factly that the party was over and that SHFL was being shut down for the evening. The band and the audience took the whole thing in stride and it was an orderly if disappointing end of the evening for many folks. When I asked the fire marshall what was going on, he said SHFL couldn't operate until after the had passed their March 4th fire inspection. I told him that I thought SHFL had a temporary license in place to which he looked pretty perplexed. He explained that there are no temporary licenses - you've either have passed the inspection or you haven't - it's not just about determining capacity but also inspecting wiring, making sure they have adequate safety measures in place and so on. So while he admitted that he knew he'd ruined people's evening, to him, this was a safety issue. Throughout the closure, the SHFL people were gracious, cooperative, and understanding. Speaking to Brian and Olivia, it seemed to me that what had happened was a simple and honest misunderstanding of how these things work and that clearly they thought they were doing everything on the up and up.

So, I say, consider this one a a freebie folks. The new space looks amazing and it's only a short break in the action until the inspection, so buck-up folks. The SHFL people and Omar should be proud of an enjoyable evening whose vibes were so good and happy that that not even a shut-down could bring people down. That's a success in my book.


Sun., March 2 -

Rudz Bike Bonanza, featuring

Spain Colored Orange, Bring Back the Guns, & Bright Men of Learning
@ Rudyard's
(Doors at 4pm bands at 7:30)

Well Jeez where to start!!!! Bike swap meet, cycling side events, beer from Real Ale and New Belgium, kick ass bands and all proceeds benefit The Third Ward Bike Shop. Jeez you know these bands like the back of your hand by now, don't you? Do I really need to tell you about the horn driven pop of SCO, the agressive Rube Goldberg indie pop of BBTG, or the laid-back rootsy indie pop of BMOL? No of course not. You know they rock, so this is a no-brainer. What's there not to like? For More information click here (link)


Fri., February 29 -
/ Resigned to Fate /Vorvadoss /P.L.F. /Rapid Response /Ale Gore
@ Dead Baby Distro
2502 Leland
$3.00 8PM

Blast beats, machine gun precise guitars, and C is For Cookie vocals - the Hulk crushes entire armies to sound of PLF!.

Fri., February 29 -
The Western Civilization / Papermoons / Another Run

@ Walter's on Washington

(doors 8PM; $7)

180 degrees from the crushing brutality of PLF is the lovely guitars and harmonies of the Paprmoons.

Fri., February 29 -
Avant Disco, featuring
Ceeplus Bad Knives, PRKL8R, Juan the Terrible, & Miss Teak

@ The AvantGarden

DJ's Dancing - you know the score.

Sat., March 1 -
The Monocles / Send Help / I Kill Cars / Lazy Horse
@ The G.R.A.B. (809 Pierce)
Monocles = garage awesomeness

Sat., March 1 -
The Drunks / The Flamin' Hellcats / Bones

@ Rudyard's

Drunks = Drunken awesomeness.

Sat., March 1 -
Saturday secret Shows
@ the Shady Tavern
Yeah You know. that thing!

Sun., March 2 -
108 /
The Jonbenet / Bitter End / Fight Pretty / Seeker
@ Walter's on Washington (early show, 3PM!)
JonBenet is proof heaviness can be both stupid and clever.

Mon., March 3 -
Built To Spill / The Meat Puppets

@ Warehouse Live

Gimme Indie Rock!

Mon., March 3 -
Wicked Poseur / Aunt Dracula
@ Boondocks

Gimme Low Fi New Wave!

Tues., March 4 -
Future Blondes / Voidmate / TENSE / A Pink Cloud
@ Jet Lounge

Ok I think Domokos is in three out of four of these bands. Can you figure out which one he's not in?

Thurs., March 6 -
The Love Me Nots /
Born Liars / Black Black Gold
@ Rudyard's

Born Liars are one of the best live garage bands out there.

Thurs., March 6 -
They Might Be Giants / Oppenheimer

@ The Meridian

Nerd Rockers Unite!

Thurs., March 6 -
Beach House / Papercuts / Inoculist

@ Walter's on Washington

Beach House, you may have heard of these guys.

Thurs., March 6 -
Nosaprise / Free Radicals / I and I
@ Notsuoh
Jazzy Funky adn Improvised - that pretty much covers Free radicals


This Week's selection by Nation of Amanda.


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