Thursday, February 28, 2024

Art Auction Benefit for SHFL Friday

posted by Free Press Houston @ 12:32 PM

Friday 8pm @ 3400 Montrose

Well, for those of you who came to our 5 Year Anniversary blow-out and had an insane-o time until the fire marshalls shut it down, you would know our friends at Super happy Fun land are battling the leviathan that is the City and it's dang Municipal Ordinances. Safety-Schmafetey!Anyways, Brian and Olivia at SHFL sure could use your help and damn well deserve it as one of the only places in the city that hosts live underground music just about 7 days a week. Show some love.

This is just in from Brian from Super Happy:

Hey folks, we finalized the location for our art auction benefit. It will be at
the GLBT Community Center at 3400 Montrose Suite #207 on the second floor of
the same building that the Sky Bar is in (right by that Kroger on Montrose near
Westheimer). The auction will start at 8pm on Friday March 29th, and will
feature entertainment by Indian Jenny, Poopy Lungstuffing, and more TBA, as
well as food, drinks, and lots of great art for sale cheap! This event will
benefit the Super Happy Fun Land occupancy permit fund. We are still looking
for more people to donate art, performance, time/labor, food, drinks, and of
course cash is always good too. If you would like to donate art or help out,
give us a call at 713-880-2100 or email us on MySpace or at , or you can donate money directly via PayPal to



At February 29, 2024 10:42 AM , Blogger ms. rosa said...

thank you for not publicly flogging me for having taped over your video of the fire marshall encounter with my video of orion lip-synching to "soapie" by the lyres. i really didn't mean to and again, shorry!


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