Thursday, March 13, 2024

SXSW - Finally Here - March 13th 2024

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 7:42 AM

Well my first SXSW day was a bust. I'd picked up my dad's truck early (I'd borrowed it to haul equipment) , left work at 11am, and by all measures I should have been leaving Houston by no later than 3PM but instead found myself paying a wrecker $72 bucks to get me from a CVS just a few blocks from my house to my dad's mechanic. By 3pm the verdict was in; it was a dead starter. It would be another three hours to get the part and install it meaning at best I'd be leaving Houston by 8pm. As it turns out, I left at 9pm and arrived is Austin by 12:15am just missing check-in for SXSW which meant there was no way to catch any bands - though REM sounded in fine form over at Stubbs - so instead I spent the next two hours dutifully flyering.

Once nice thing was I did run into old pals Lick Lick who were loading-out. I apologized to Matt for missing the show to which he jokingly replied while pointing to myself and some other Houstonites, "Whatever! The guitarist from Scratch Acid was there watching us! Screw you guys." After which, the band deputized me to load the Leslie cabinet into the van. Finally! I was accomplishing something!

Yeah, roadie for Lick Lick! I know! Hardly the exciting reportage Omar was hoping for but the good news is I'm in town, I will be checked-in, and settled . I hope Rhonda Garner was right and that, with the car trouble behind me, I have I gotten the annoying shit out of the way first.

So, I don't know about you guys but I'm off to grab some coffee, check-in, and see some music.

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