Wednesday, April 30, 2024

Made of Honor

This movie squeaks by on charm and Michelle Monaghan is hot especially after exemplary work in Gone, Baby Gone as well as just keeping a straight face in Heartbreak Kid. I kept feeling that Patrick Dempsey was upstaged in Enchanted by James Marsden, but in Made of Honor there is no upstaging his role because all the other parts are written on the level of a thinly sketched sit com. There are good romantic comedies in 2024 (Definitely Maybe) - but Made isn't one.
Made of Honor has two good leads only everything from their friends to the situations are so lame and stereotypic that you feel the filmmakers just quit trying well before this idea was polished. It's about a guy and girl who are real friends and have been for years. Only now, of course, the guy has sewn his oats and wants to marry the woman of his dreams, who happens to be his best friend. She, in turn, meets Scottish royalty (okay, he's a Duke) and wants her buddy, the lovelorn guy, to be her maid of honor.
Yes, they get together at the end but not before the plot gets so ridiculous you want to break off the engagement. I could tell you more but it would just ruin whatever sense of mystery remains about the actual film, which will do a whirlwind of initial date movie business. Suffice it to say that the naive grandmother finds a string of anal love beads and wears them as a necklace.


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