Wednesday, May 7, 2024

Who is Rob Corddry?

The character of Hater in the movie What Happens in Vegas... is played by Rob Corddry. The name might not instantly conjure a face to go alongside but Corddry makes What Happens in Vegas... at least bearable. More on Corddry in a sec, but why WHIV has to be unpolished when a few more drafts of the script surely would've beefed up bland secondary characters and punched up entire sequences that just weren't funny. Not unlike what happened with Made of Honor (Sony, WHIV is 20th Fox), another film that was made despite being one laugh funnier than a canceled sitcom.
Corddry plays second banana buddy to Ashton Kutcher who stars with Cameron Diaz. A Lot Like Love remains Ashton's high point and that's not saying a lot. When Cameron has a strong director (In Her Shoes, Best Friend's Wedding) she can be kind of exciting but here she's an unpolished gem that never gleams light. But Corddry gets the role that allows him to be grossly and emphatically funny even while playing a slimeball. After WHIV trotted out lame cameos with Queen Latifah and Dennis Miller it was a gasp of air to see Corddry pop in giving the film its only twist of kink.
Corddry, whose last name is a couple letters short of being a palindrome, will be known as a former corespondent to cable's The Daily Show. He also brought laughs to The Heartbreak Kid remake and Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay ("Hello Kitty I'm talking to you."). Now I can't wait to see him play Ari Fleischer in Oliver Stone's W.


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