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AUX Files .007

AUX Files .007
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The Bayou City has become a passageway for artists to propel their careers and break off from the local market into great things for the rest of the nation to see. You have seen it with the likes of Chedda Da Connect, Sosamann, Kirko Bangz, Travis Scott, and more in recent memory, but it has yet to be a full on movement of a large community in Houston to take on the independent reigns. While some Houston artists may still be sowing their oats, there are still a number of artists going into the trenches and getting their work out however they can. Whether they hail from New Orleans and now reside in Hustle Town or they come from the depths of the Northside, finally spreading their roots into the rest of the city, it’s a circulation of sound that’s getting created right here. This week’s edition of AUX Files showcases what’s making waves to come out of H-Town. Open your ears, get your speakers ready and your mind right for another introduction to the current state of Houston hip-hop.


“Cash” — Scrap Bundy

Gearing up for his upcoming project with the budding producer BeldonDidThat, Scrap opens the gates to unleash his new single, “Cash.” Different from some of his anthems released on his debut project Off The Muscle, Scrap presents more a relaxed flow and shows the transition of his delivery as well. The dynamics between Bundy and Beldon have matured and as much as Bundy tuned into himself to become a better artist with this song, so is the production that’s offered by Beldon. The artistry for the duo has become sophisticated and singles such as “Cash” show how these two are utilizing the rapper/producer combo to their advantage and how they can take over the city with their signature sound.



“Bucked Up” — RetroKash

The Bayou City has been a launch pad for many who have always been in the city, but the roots of Louisiana coincide the H-Town flavor as well. One artist who’s stirring his own sauce in Houston is RetroKash, a “Raging Cajun” who presents southern marinated bars along with a reminiscent spirit of the golden era of Louisiana hip hop. If you’re not familiar with this sound, “Bucked Up” carries all the correct herbs and spices to deliver the authentic flavor. The production in this song gathers that “Womp Womp” influence and allows Kash to flex his home state vernacular and attitude all throughout this “504” themed anthem. When home may be a few hours away, Kash has a set up his own homestead in the Lone Star state and pushes the boundaries of a genre that many try to imitate, one that’s relevant to the modern growth in Southern hip hop.



“Trapphone” — 543 Trap

Digging into the deep black hole we call the internet, there’s a lot of interesting things that may pop up on one’s screen from time to time. One loose single that caught my eye right away was 543 Trap’s impromptu visual, “Trapphone.” The keyboard led single is only a mere minute of your time, but the replay value of the song is thick. The mini-trap energy it carries along with the QuitexFrankly filmed visual makes this a song that’s a must in anyone’s playlist. The seeds of 543 are just beginning to make their way into the city limits, but if it’s more singles like this that are in his arsenal, don’t be surprised to the see the roots spread across the different regions of H-Town.



“Whip Da Pot” — NBT Ant

Since the emergence of Kream Clicc, birthing the stars like Maxo Kream, Lyndo Cartel, Wes Blanco, and more, it’s become a hotbed for new talent in the H to make their run for the throne of who’s coming up. Among some of the artists who are on the verge right now, NBT Ant is one artist Houstonians need to keep watching for the rest of this year and 2024. He made his splash with his single, “Either Way” featuring Wes Blanco, and he continues to put on more heat with his late single, “Whip Da Pot.” The “NBT Army” anthem shows off the elastic ability between the likes of Ant’s menacing flow that coexists with NBT Uno’s and Young Trap’s southern word scheme. The trio comes together to show off the representation of what the SWAT has to offer and what’s to look forward to in the upcoming months with hits that’ll be similar to this one.



His Summer x Her Summer Series — Jon Rambo x UCEF

As we did last week with giving rising DJ Kay Illah some praise with her “Down 288” mix, we focus back on the DJs with Jon Rambo’s “His Summer” and “Her Summer” Series on this week’s edition of Aux Files. The exclusive collaboration between the UCEF and buzzing Texas DJ Jon Rambo defies the gender selection for this summer season. The two-part series includes artists such as SwagHollywood, Key!, Future, Maxo Kream and more on the macho sided edition for the gentlemen and a more mellow version for the ladies with the sounds of Ty Dolla Sign, PartyNextDoor, Usher, and more. The split is perfect for everyone to enjoy and it showcases Rambo’s incredible versatility. When one has the time to give this a listen, it’ll be one of the wisest decisions you’ll make for your next kickback or long car ride because it’s undeniable playlist that one can groove to hours on end.