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Bang Bangz Debut Exclusive New Single, “Young Boy”

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Bang Bangz, Photo: Nelson Venegas

If you follow trends in music, then you may or may not know what happens when you’re an artist who reaches a spike in streaming site plays. Last year, when Houston’s Bang Bangz dropped the easy going track, “Let Go,” something happened: the world seemed to gravitate to it. On streaming site Spotify alone, the song grew in plays pretty quickly, all of a sudden hitting around the 40,000 plays mark. The Wonky Power Records-branded four piece was immediately hit up by several outlets wanting to take the band under their respective wings. However, when you’re an act that’s been in the business for a while, you do things your own way and that’s what Bang Bangz did.

Now, after “Let Go” is just about 5,000 plays shy of the 100,000 mark, Bang Bangz are releasing the follow-up to that song, the single “Young Boy.” Like all things with this band, the track is almost the complete opposite while still retaining the group’s core sound. The dual vocals coupled with synths is still there, but there’s a louder guitar track and a heavier beat with “Young Boy.” The song has a similar progression to songs by The Strokes, before Elizabeth Salazar comes in and cuts Mario Rodriguez’ vocals with a melodic sweetness that The Strokes could never achieve, resulting in a song that’s all the Bang Bangz and no one else; and thus setting the band further apart from so many acts in the same genre.

The single, found exclusively here, is just another example of the incredibly diverse sounds that the Houston four-piece creates. You can hear this song alongside others, when Bangz Bangz perform this Saturday, April 16th at the Local Brews Local Grooves fest at Houston House of Blues. The show will feature sets by multiple Houston acts, as well as multiple Texas beers on tap, with doors at 3 pm.