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Devil Killing Moth Debuts New Song Ahead of Album Release

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Devil Killing Moth. Photo: Josef Kintley


The word “eclectic” was often used to describe Houston’s music scene back in the day when i would ever read about our city in publications.  While I wouldn’t say that Houston musicians are as eclectic as they were twenty years ago, I’d replace that word with “talented,” “diverse,” or “intriguing.”  There really aren’t too many bands that walk the line of being eclectic anymore in this town, and that’s not a bad thing.  However, when you look at Houston’s Devil Killing Moth, the word eclectic immediately comes to mind.  On the heels of releasing their new album, A Night In The Life Of, the five-piece has always mixed things up into what feels like an organic mixture of acoustic rock with chilled out vibes to create a sound that’s all their own.  They were kind enough to send over the next single, “Chuey Kabluey” from the album, due on May 13.


The song, is a varied mixture of everything this band has been and everything they currently are.  The group was originally a three-piece that moved into a full five-piece, but just like the track, there’s a nice evolution within.  The song has this distant, far away feel that incorporates an intense smattering of percussive instruments before they flow into more of a “Bossanova”-era Pixies sound.  The mixture of falsetto vocals and the dreamy guitar that glides the song along is only given more depth by the rockier bass line and the band’s use of multiple percussive instruments.  The track morphs into a free-form jam sound where multiple vocals hop on and off of the track without feeling forced, and much like how this band approaches their music, the song takes on an organic evolution that’s unlike most of what’s coming out of Houston today.
The song, found exclusively here, will be on the band’s trippy and chill new album.  In the six songs contained in the album, the band criss-crosses genres and directions while keeping their eclectic sound intact.  You can catch Devil Killing Moth live Friday May 13 at Walters for their album release party.  The all-ages show will also feature sets from Only Beast, Rex Hudson, and Nashville’s Linear Downfall.  The doors are at 8 pm and tickets are between $7 and $10.