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FlygerWoods Brings Heat On New Track

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FlygerWoods. Photo: Karen Martinez


I’ve been saying for a good while that the “Screw era” of the Houston hip hop world is gone, steadily being replaced by new rappers who hit a mic harder and faster than most around the country.  In fact, there’s so many talented rappers coming out of Houston today that it’s hard to keep up with them all.  One of those new talents is Missouri City’s FlygerWoods.  A couple of weeks ago I caught Flyger on a Fat Tony set and was blown away by his high energy and steady mic flow.  He has an intensity to his style that’s on an entirely new level and steers far away from the “phoned in” hip hop that’s emanating from elsewhere and outside of our city.  Now he’s dropping a new single with famed producer, Wolfe de MCHLS.  Known for his work with Sauce Twinz and Maxo Kream, the pairing of the two results in a track that hits hard from start to finish.  Free Press Houston was more than thrilled to get to exclusively debut “Ridin’ Cruisin” so you can have a first listen and see for yourself.



With a backing track that’s mixed with a breezy swing vibe and multiple vocal tracks, when Woods hits the mic you should already know that it’s on a whole new level.  Full of catchy hooks and a beat that sticks in your head, Woods grabs your attention with a smooth flow.  By the time the chorus kicks in, the flow of the song is already stuck in your head.  There’s a point where the track gets a light chop before Woods is back with his quick flow and impressive mic skills that almost leave you in awe.  The entire track clocks in at a little under three minutes, so it’s over before you can dig too deep; but it’s also a song that’s meant to be placed on repeat instead of going all night.


By the way this track hits, the way that FlygerWoods keeps it on point from start to finish, and the way that it gets stuck in your head just five seconds in; you should definitely keep an eye on this guy.  With the strong mic skills he possesses and the high energy of his live shows; there’s no doubt his name will get bigger and bigger as time rolls on.