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George West Debuts Video & Single, “Topics”

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George West. Photo: Marcelo Quinones

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Houston’s music scene has always been diverse, as well as a kind of mixture of what’s happening in the other forty nine states.  As far as how things go on the electronic side of music, our city is producing some of the most creative and unique electronic acts.  One of those acts is Houston’s George West.  In the past year, he’s gone from a relative unknown as a solo artist to an act with plenty of draw and pop.  On his new single, “Topics,” West takes things further than he has in the past while never getting too crazy or beyond his own sound.  Free Press Houston was more than delighted to debut the video for the track, as well as the song itself exclusively.



The video keeps on the elusive edge of things, staying closer to the more dissonant side of the artist.  Varying scenes of George West walking through the California desert fill the screen, while snippets of him recording the track hop on and off throughout the entire broadcast.  Spliced into the video are scenes of West in multiple frames, scenes of him staring at the mountains or on the beach.  Add to that clips of varying psychedelic imagery, movement from objects like trains or animals, and you’re left with a video full of trippy vibes to accompany the chillwave vibe of the track.



The track takes the West’s sound to a different place without veering too far from what he’s done in the past.  While he keeps the chillwave elements that have garnered him a ton of Soundcloud and Spotify streams, he adds new elements to stay ahead of everyone else in the sub-genre.  Little snaps and clicks that hop in and out, accompanied by ambient vocals and West’s signature live drum beats make the song something fresh and new.  The clap synths and these little electro bleeps that lie under the beats — elements that West has never employed — really work together in harmony.  It’s these varying soundscapes and West’s drum work that really make the track work while the hook filled nature of the song make it catchy enough to stay in your head.


Keep your eyes peeled for George West’s next appearance in Houston, whereas you can watch the video here, and download the single for free on Soundcloud for the next seven days.  George West will perform at The Parish in Austin on June 18 as part of the Solstice Festival after party.