For Houston’s Get A Life, another quality project from Chase DeMaster (children of pop, Guess Genes and Kult Disney), it’s all about having fun. And in a sea of bands that seem so serious sometimes that it feels like they’re just going through the motions, it can be exciting from time to time to see a band that doesn’t appear to take things all that seriously. So even when DeMaster offered up the tongue-in-cheek band’s first new song in a good while, the ultra-catchy and hook-heavy jam “What You Deserve,” he didn’t seem at all serious about its release. The track (found exclusively here) is a reminder that while owning a label and managing artists, tours, and your own varying projects, there are still moments when being in a band can just be fun.



The song falls into the typical Get A Life formula of “we’re unaffected,” in their jokey, tongue-in-cheek manner. It’s the kind of unaffected pop, if you will, opening with a meandering electro beat that hits hard, that isn’t what you’re expecting from a band with live instrumentation. However, when the vocals, guitar and beat roll in, it’s instantaneously lovable. The song immediately sticks in your head with a beat that has an almost overblown sound that works as a placeholder between the grinding, driving guitar tones, creating a space that feels closer to a dance track than that of a rock band. Produced by Yuuki Matthews of The Shins, the song is a mixture of carefully crafted pop and disassociated rock that you can’t help but love and place on repeat. It’s a refreshing example of a band actually having fun.


You can grab the rare 7” vinyl from Very Jazzed when it’s released to the public on August 4. You can see Get A Life in person tonight at White Oak Music Hall upstairs.  The all ages show has sets from Post Animal, Evening Attraction, and an opening DJ set from Jazz Radio with doors at 7 pm and a $10 ticket.