Leon casino, Rose Ette. Photo: Deanna Orosco


If you’re planning to start an indie rock band with pop sensibilities, it’s definitely a road that’s cluttered with bands that have plenty of steam behind them, so you had better stand out. Standing out, however, has never really been a problem for Houston’s Rose Ette. Forming a bit over three years ago, the band that initially felt like a side project has gained more than enough traction since this time last year. Even after lineup changes and having to bow out of a festival due to remarks made by the festival’s owner, Rose Ette has done things their own way while expanding on what feels like a growing fan base with each and every show they play. Free Press Houston spoke to the band about what they’ve been up lately, as well as what they have planned for FPSF and beyond.


Free Press Houston:  The band has two releases, the latter being a cassette single or “cassingle.” Are you the only current band in Houston with a cassette single that you know of?

Rose Ette: The cassingle was a fun way to release something new while we work on new material. We’re definitely not on the only band in town releasing tape singles. MiddleChild and Newport American Dream both released cassingles before we dropped ours, and likely plenty of others.


FPH: You recorded with John Allen Stephens formerly of New York City Queens for the single. Can you describe what it was like working with him and did he have any new ideas for the songs while they were being recorded?

Rose Ette: Working with John was great and he had a lot of ideas about how to realize the tone we had in mind for the songs. Being familiar with our home demos, he knew our songs and understood the direction we wanted to go as a band. Essentially, he helped us achieve a sound Matt from BunnyGrunt described as “a basement-punk Lush,” a description we can definitely get behind.


FPH:  The band contains members of other acts and former acts that all have touring experience. Are there any plans to tour anytime soon?

Rose Ette: We’ll probably hit road once we have a full length release out. We’ve been playing shows in Austin and Galveston this year, but we’re primarily focusing on writing new material and hashing out new ideas. Collectively, we do have a lot of tour experience and we have some plans for next year, but nothing we can disclose just yet.


FPH: You’ve been on a multitude of shows in both large and small venues, while gaining a strong following. Is there a venue that you don’t see the band performing in?

Rose Ette: We’re pretty much down to play most venues, but if their policies or politics conflict with those of our band members, that’s where we draw the line. The safety of our fans is much more important than any show, big or small.


FPH:  The band seems to really know your audience, with merch items like scarves and enamel pins, as well as cassette releases.  Are there ever times when a fan approaches you that you’re surprised by?

Rose Ette: We have a wide range of fans and are super grateful for all of them. It’s humbling that we’ve gained such a fan base in our home town.

It’s true the items we at our merch table aren’t typical band merch, but it’s great our weird ideas have gone over so well. We’re always trying to think outside of the box since there’s a lot more bands can do than t-shirts and CDs.

FPH: This will be the first festival for the band, though you’ve all played on other festivals in other projects. Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for your FPSF set, or will you just go out and play your usual set?

Rose Ette: We always have plenty of tricks up our sleeves and we’ll definitely have something special for FPSF, but you’ll have to catch our set.


There’s no doubt that the band has plenty of tricks up their sleeves when they engage the attendees of FPSF like everyone who catches them perform. You can hear Rose Ette here, buy merch from them here, and follow them here. The four piece will bring their pop infused indie rock to all in attendance at this year’s FPSf when the festival makes its return to Eleanor Tinsley Park. While Rose Ette is set to perform at 12:10 pm on the Saturn stage on Saturday June 3, the festival is set to take place June 3 and 4. With performances from Lorde, The Shins, Solange and more, the all ages festival has doors at 11 am each day and tickets between $148 and $999.