Another Run. Photo: Trish Badger


It shouldn’t come to a shock to anyone that sometimes to make headway as a band, it takes time. When someone asks what the secret to “making it” in the music business, I always tell them that as a band, time is your best friend. For Houston’s Another Run, time has definitely seen the band change and grow at the same time. Together for more than fifteen years, after last year’s EP Be Honest, the five-piece seems to have really found their footing. FPH sat down with the band to hear their side of how they started and what they’ll have in store for those who attend this year’s Free Press Summer Festival in a year where their appearance at the fest is only one of the big things they have going on.


FPH:  I think most people might not know that you guys have been around longer than they think, can you tell people how long you’ve been a band?

Another Run:  If you go back to the beginning, we’ve been a band since 2024. We started out as a three piece as young teenagers really just beginning to learn how to play our instruments, and we have always shared a passion for playing and writing music together.  Originally consisting of Bob on bass, Zak on guitar, and Adrian on drums, we spent the first few years searching for a singer. With no one ever sticking, Adrian took on the additional role of lead vocalist in 2024.  After a couple years of getting our footing, 2024 saw the release of our first album, No Sleep Tonight, with this line-up.  After a few more years of learning and growing as musicians, we dropped our next album, I’ll Be There, in 2024.   It was recorded as the 3 piece, but the year before the release, our friend Beef took over on drums. This allowed Adrian to become the front man we had always been searching for.  The next year our friend Brian was also added in as the second guitar player, expanding and filling out the sounds from “I’ll Be There” for our live performances.  As a five piece we grew even further over the next years and played many shows we would have never dreamed of.  Adrian also started adding keys during this time, and with this line-up we recorded our Be Honest EP which was released last year.  We are incredibly excited for the newest chapter of Another Run featuring brothers Andy Martinez taking over on drums, and A.J. Martinez taking over the position of second guitar player. Those two have been playing together their whole lives and they are an outstanding addition to our team!  We are really looking forward to the songwriting process moving forward, and we can’t wait for our west coast tour that is about to start!



FPH:  When you guys started, your lead singer Adrian was also the drummer, what made him come out from behind the kit and be more of a front man?

Another Run:  A front man is what we had really wanted since the beginning.  Although we had grown into an interesting dynamic with Adrian on drums and lead vocals, there was still something we were searching for.  It was really a natural progression.  It seemed like we knew when it was ready.  When the time was right, keys starting being added in.  Just at the beginning of this year he also started playing guitar live for the first time on a couple new songs!   


FPH:  Last year you guys released the EP Be Honest, which showed more progress in your sound.  Is the band’s sound constantly evolving or do you have something specific in mind when you write songs?

Another Run:  Our sound is definitely always evolving.  We really just write and play what we feel, and often we find ourselves in many different places. The process usually happens organically, but sometimes we might have a specific reference or idea that we might try out once we have something outlined.  With the new guys in the band, it has opened up many new doors to the places we are headed.  We all play off each other really well, and it has a very natural flow.


FPH:  You guys are known for your high energy live shows, is there a secret to keeping your energy high when you perform?

Another Run:  We really just have a great time doing what we do.  We want to give the audience the best performance we can, and we always give it our all.


FPH:  The band will be touring this year, and then you’re gearing up to record again.  Will the next release be an album or another EP?

Another Run:  We are working towards the next release being a full length, our first with the newest members. There is already a generous handful of songs in the works, and we are looking forward to recording them all later this year!  A new single titled “700 Days” has just been recorded, and it is set to be released very soon!


FPH:  This isn’t your first FPSF, in fact the last one was pretty intense.  What do you have planned for this appearance to set it apart from the previous one?

Another Run:  Between the new members in the band, and the new songs that we are writing, there will be a completely new energy and dynamic to our performance.  There is a beautiful chemistry brewing as we gear up for our upcoming tour!  We can’t wait to share everything we have been working on.


You can always tell who’s in it to win it, and with the work ethic that these guys have, they’re definitely in it for the long haul.  You can catch Another Run’s highly energetic live show when they perform on Sunday June 5th at Free Press Summer Fest.  The all ages festival returns to Eleanor Tinsley Park, and has doors at 11:00 am, and single day tickets, found here run between $92.50 and $119.50, while two day passes found here, run between $157.50 and $999.