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Handsomebeast Debuts Sexy New Single

Handsomebeast Debuts Sexy New Single
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Handsomebeast. Photo: Courtesy of Artist/Wonky Power Records


At one time Houston’s music world consisted of more than a handful of funk bands, many of whom were not that solid at crafting the genre.  In fact, for years it felt like whenever someone took over the helm of funk in Houston, it was hardly ever as impressive as one would hope.  Granted, we’ve had some solid funk bands in recent years, but Houston’s Handsomebeast was always a band that felt like they were just one sexy track away from ascending the funk world into the sultry R&B world that they have always seemed on the cusp of entering.  On their new album, The Badass Future, the Houston five-piece seems to have found the way to take their sound to a whole new place, and the track “Nevada,” found exclusively here, proves that.



The song, which features hints of Latin jazz, Cumbia, and soulful undertones, really grooves its way into your ears before vocalist Nick Serena eases onto the track like an instrument of pure soul.  There are moments on the track that feel like the band is caught between creating a fun party vibe and the soundtrack to couplehood.  While the song takes a completely different turn at about the halfway mark, it doesn’t deter from the overall sound.  The way in which these guys craft a sultry tone and a vibe that’s purely relaxed is truly splendid, and a testament to their time together as a band. The almost four and a half minute song makes you believe, that Handsomebeast have truly found their own sound that’s halfway between good times and sexy late night jams.  


You can hear “Nevada” as well as the rest of The Badass Future when Handsomebeast performs at White Oak Music Hall upstairs on Friday, December 2.  The all ages album release party will also feature sets from Mantra Love and The Quintessential Octopus, with doors at 8 pm for the 100% FREE show.