Leon casino, The latest project from Cory Sinclair, Hescher combines pop electronica with the cinematic.

As a video performance of his cover of the track “Shelter” from The xx, Sinclair adds his own emotion to the already powerful song. This is only the second video release from Hescher, following last year’s release of “Scarlet Shell,” a conceptual instrumental track that highlights Sinclair’s impressive work with sound design. As Sinclair performs “Shelter,” you can feel his each and every reaction to the words, almost as if he could physically touch each one. As the track comes to a head, his signature electronic beats swell with his soulful vocals, adding to the intensity of the performance.

Catch Free Press Houston’s debut of the new video and download the track here.

Catch Hescher on Thursday, June 1 at The Nightingale Room with Rex Hudson. Tickets are $10 with doors at 7 pm.