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Innovating in 2024: 5 Underrated Festivals

Innovating in 2024: 5 Underrated Festivals
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With the overabundance of festivals available nationally, it’s hard to decipher which ones to actually attend. Many festivals today follow the traditional schedule solely consisting of 3 stages and a huge lineup. However, we gathered a list of festivals around the United States that offer life-changing, unique experiences from exploring gems in the desert, watching the totality of the solar eclipse, and wild artistic collaboration. This list will be sure to help if you are looking for an experience unlike any other cookie-cutter festival.


Gem and Jam Festival (February 2-5 — Tucson, Arizona)


Dubbed the “Crown Jewel of the Southwest Festival Scene,” by The Huffington Post, this truly unique festival gives you the experience of Tucson’s gem, mineral, and fossil showcase while being surrounded by your favorite artists. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of music, art, and minerals, the 11th annual Gem and Jam Festival is the prime attraction for you in 2024. If the gems didn’t dazzle you, the experience of camping under the Tucson sun paired with late night festivities will certainly pull you in.




Symbiosis: Oregon Eclipse Gathering (August 17-23 — Antelope, Oregon) 


The Symbiosis Gathering left its home of California in order to create a unique experience around the total solar eclipse and Oregon is the only state to view the totality of the eclipse on the West Coast. The Oregon Eclipse gathering will be part of an international gathering of 11 premiere festivals for the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2024. This festival, along with its partner festivals, will be a global synthesis of art, idea, music, dancing, and international community. At this festival, you will not only be able to celebrate the wonders of the world, but enjoy amazing artists and people for a spectacular show given to you by nature.


The Untz Festival (June 3-4 — Mariposa, California)


Located less than an hour from the mouth of Yosemite National Park, this year, the Untz Festival is definitely living up to its name, bringing artists from the underground bass scene. If you consider yourself a basshead, the Untz Festival is the one for you. Not only will this festival be jam packed with heavy hitters, but plenty activities to keep the vibes going all weekend long such as yoga and other various workshops.


Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival (March 2-5 — Okeechobee, Florida)


Okeechobee Music and Arts Festival has been dubbed “the largest camping festival in Florida.” Not only does this festival offer a plethora of artists from different backgrounds, but collaborations and superjams between your favorite artists of different genres coming together. Last year, they had members of Mumford and Sons, Hall and Oats, Arcade Fire, and even Skrillex on one stage jamming out. It doesn’t even feel like 2024 is only the festival’s second year running as it has received numerous glowing reviews. If you are looking for a festival with nonstop good vibes, crazy artistic collaborations, food trucks, camping, and much more, then don’t forget to check this festival out in 2024.


Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival (November, Dates TBA — Brooklyn, New York)


Celebrating their 10-year anniversary, the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival collaborates with the best local clubs and venues to create an immersive 3-day electronic music experience in the heart of New York. Past lineups have included music prodigies such as Deru, Evian Christ, and Schlomo. This festival is known to bring some of the most rare and enigmatic acts in the industry. If you are looking for a festival that opens your minds and ears of future sounds, this East Coast festival is the one for you. Additionally, you get the vibes of an open festival mixed with the vibes of a New York night out.