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Rose Ette Leaks New Song From Cassingle

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Rose Ette. Photo: Os Galindo


Today in music, the ideology that a band needs to release something on a yearly basis is being spread so much that I hear bands saying it like it’s a proven method.  However, if you want to follow that trend, then dropping a single is definitely the best route.  If you’re anything like Houston’s Rose Ette though, you’re more than likely going to take that to the next level.  While the four piece had a pretty stellar 2024, they’ve already hit the ground running this year with an announced set planned at Houston Whatever Fest and an upcoming cassingle release planned for later this month.  Below the lead song from that cassette single, “Skin,” found exclusively here proves that the indie rock group is far from slowing down.

The track, which finds the band stretching their legs away from the bedroom pop sound on their debut, and taking things into a more focused and melodic nature.  With hints to The Wannadies and The Cardigans, the song has nineties throwback all over it without sounding like it was ever lifted. The way in which the guitar seems to create an almost secondary vocal presence alongside Teresa Vicinanza’s voice is pretty mesmerizing, while the snappy beat and rhythmic bass lines keep the upbeat track in your head for days.


The end result is that of a band on the rise without anything holding them back.  The production from John Allen Stephens is top notch, the band’s songwriting is well crafted, and the execution places them at the top of new bands performing today.  You can grab an ultra limited edition copy of Rose Ette’s Skin cassingle when the band performs alongside Fred Thomas and Tyvek at Walter’s on Friday February 17.  The all ages show with an opening set from The Hammer Party has doors at 8 pm and tickets for $10.