24hrs. Photo courtesy of artist


Atlanta musician 24hrs keeps a low profile. With not much information about personal details readily available on the internet, his mysterious nature leaves his fast-approaching fan base wanting to know more. Following his previous name, Royce Rizzy, his new persona has led to some quick features with the likes of G-Eazy and Post Malone. In fact, he’s already on tour with up-and-coming rapper/producer Blackbear. Prior to his show at House of Blues Houston on Tuesday, he spoke to Free Press Houston about his upbringing, Sharpstown mall, and some of the coolest people that he’s met.


Free Press Houston: So, thanks for doing this, as I know you don’t do too many. So how’s the tour going so far?

24hrs: Oh, they’ve been great. Super lit!


FPH: So you played Atlanta last night. How did that show go? Is it an entirely different feeling when you play there?

24hrs: They all feel the same to me. The energy is cohesive everywhere. The night in Georgia was great.


FPH: My first encounter with the music of Atlanta’s Killer Mike was his 2024 release Underground Atlanta. Have you listened to it before? You actually have a connection with the record and Killer Mike. Nard and B produced songs for both of you: “Imma Fool Wit It” for him and “VSVSVS” for you.

24hrs: Killer Mike is my guy! I’ve known him for a long time. He’s watched me come up in Atlanta.


FPH: So, 24hrs started in Georgia, didn’t it? After all, it’s the home of Waffle House! How important is Waffle House? It’s arguably the best restaurant of all time. What’s your go-to item on the menu?

24hrs: I used to eat there a lot. My go-to item would probably be an “American All-Star.”


FPH: Also, thanks for the Houston shout-out in “V S V S V S.” Quote: “Diamonds on me, feel like Johnny Dang.” Are you going to visit Sharpstown Mall to check out his shop?

24hrs: Oh, yeah! For sure. I can’t wait to hit Houston. If I have time, I’ll definitely check the store out. I haven’t purchased anything from him yet.


FPH: Do you know anything else about Sharpstown Mall or Houston in general? For example, a rapper by the name of Riff Raff got his start there by selling his mixtapes to shoppers.

24hrs: Oh, well my Grandma stayed in Houston — in Greenspoint!


FPH: Very cool! Is this going to be your first time performing in the city though?

24hrs: I’ve performed at Warehouse Live before. It was my own show in the smaller room a while ago when I didn’t even go by 24hrs. It was pretty cool.


FPH: How did you begin the creation of 24hrs? How did you end the persona of Royce Rizzy?

24hrs: I was rapping, like, trap music. Now, I’m more R&B, really influenced by the 90’s R&B culture. You know, like PARTYNEXTDOOR, the new wave of R&B. Also stuff like Nas, even though he’s not the newest culture. I like stuff by R Kelly, Jamie Foxx. Really, the late-90s to early-2000s culture is what I’m really into.


FPH: Of all the other musicians you met, was Macy Gray the coolest?

24hrs: Um, I don’t know! I’ve met Macy Gray, but it was really quick. Probably the coolest person I’ve ever met was — um, the most legendary was, man, I’m not sure. There’s been so many people that I’ve met. I don’t know, that’s a tough one. I’ve met Mariah Carey, Usher, Tyrese, Timbaland. I’ve worked with Timbaland.


FPH: What can you say about Post Malone? I know that you two have done a number of stuff together.

24hrs: Post Malone is my bro! One day we just started working together. We’ve known each other from Atlanta, and one day we just came up in the studio and drinking beer. Post drinks a lot of beer. We just worked on cool music together. We keep the energy and fun factor involved.


FPH: So for those who have tickets to the show, what can they expect to see from both of you on May 16th?

24hrs: A great show! Great production, an actual show. Standing on stage with a microphone, I really put my time into my show, production, screen. It will be an event to remember.


24hrs will perform at House of Blues Houston on Tuesday, May 16 with Blackbear, Elhae, and Lil Aaron with doors at 7 pm.