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Monday , November 18 2024
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Parking Requirement Too Expensive for Small Businesses

Last week FPH published an article on the new parking ordinance amendment being proposed by the City of Houston Planning & Development Department. This amendment has some Houstonians worried because it is requiring a 20% increase in parking for restaurants and a 40% increase for bars. The table above is a recently released budget analysis for small bars and restaurants ... Read More »

The Duplicity of Fluoride Revealed

“We aren’t going away and we want to make sure the mayor knows it.” -Derrick Broze, Fluoride Free Houston In an effort to move away from the preconceived ideas and conspiracy theories associated with fluoridation of the water system, Fluoride Free Houston is inviting the community out for a potluck and a screening of the documentary “The Fluoride Deception” by ... Read More »

City Council Mayhem: El desmadre de la política local

By: John Pluecker Towards the end of City Council Meeting: Performed Participatory Democracy last night at Palm Center, a young boy behind me whined, “This is so weird.” I tend to agree. The emotional climax of the show was one of the most bizarre moments I’ve experienced in a while: a political consultant reading a surrealist think-piece on local politics ... Read More »

New Mobile Food Ordinance Change Proposal Will Benefit Houston

By: Erin Dyer Houston Mobile Food Unit (MFU) Collective has announced new mobile food ordinance changes that will be proposed to Mayor Annise Parker and the Houston City Council on September 26. These changes are to be presented in hopes that they will aid food trucks and small businesses, benefit Houston’s reputation for entrepreneurship, and increase tourist flow into Houston ... Read More »

‘Parker afraid of Dick’…Really!?!

By Alex Wukman Headline writing in the age of the internet isn’t easy, sometimes it seems like those of us in the news mill are trying to combine Zen Koans and Simpsons’ references in an attempt to get bored office drones to click on a link. Then of course there are the times when the headlines write themselves. Sometimes friend ... Read More »

Physical Graffitti

By Alex Wukman Dallas area street/graffiti artist Evero was recently sentenced to six months in jail and given a job offer from Dallas’ “graffiti czar,”attorney John Barr. Barr is known throughout the DFW area as something of an anti-graffiti crusader. In an era when walls painted by celebrity London street artist Banksy can sell for  around $400,000 and cities across ... Read More »

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